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Elder Scrolls Online: Arcanist’s Crux Mechanic

Posted: Mar 31, 2023

Today, I want to talk about the Arcanist class and its new mechanic, which will be called the Crux.

What Is Crux?

The Arcanist will have an ability called Crux, and it’s a really not an ability but more of a mechanic. It’s a combo mechanic, but not like combo mechanics you might see in other MMOs or RPGs.

Crux is basically a charge that you can accumulate by using your abilities with that particular class or your character. Then, you can cast other abilities to spin those Crux points. You can still cast these abilities even if you do not have that Crux.

But if you use the Crux, it empowers those abilities and makes them stronger. Of course, we can use all abilities independence from the Crux. You do not have to generate or even spend those Crux points with those certain abilities that they tie to or that it will tie to. But it will make everything stronger and it will make the class kind of to its ceiling.

If you use all the abilities and you use the class, you don’t really use the Crux to empower your other abilities, it will still be a very good viable class. You only need to concentrate on using ESO Gold to improve this class. But if you start using your Crux to kind of chain these abilities or combo these abilities, you will really see the potential for the Arcanist class, which makes it sound kind of an intro like an interesting class overall to me now.

ESO Arcanist class

What Are The Advantages Of Crux?

The designers of Crux have stated that they have designed Crux to be very easy to use. And a lot of people were kind of thinking to begin with this is going to be where you can kind of max out that character if you’re really skilled at the game. But it does not really sound like that’s going to be the case. It sounds like no matter if you’re a newer player or a veteran player, you’re still going to be able to use that Crux system easily. Because it’s supposed to be an easy system to use by design.

Like I said, you can use this perfectly fine without making any active use of the Crux at all. But you get the most out of the class in general with those abilities tying that Crux combo kind of into it and the new mechanic can be a kind of something to get used to in general to begin with. Because you’re not used to using combo kind of things with any other class we have. 

And I think this is definitely going to be a big improvement on the class system because a lot of people always think: when your classes come out, there are new abilities. But a lot of stuff feels the same no matter what class you’re using, like classes don’t have an identity now. 

This Crux ability or the Crux combo ability will actually make the Arcanist class stand out from the others, in my opinion. And it kind of also makes me curious will Arcanist in the future look to add something like this to the already existing classes we have or if they ever add any more classes down the road. Or will they all have some type of a new mechanic for them?

ESO Necrom

Personal Opinion

I’m definitely going to be interested to see more about the Arcanist in general as time gets closer. And we start to hear more and more about starting building up the hype from ZOS for this new Necrom update. I still think it’s going to be something that a lot of people are interested in hearing about and seeing firsthand. But it’s definitely going to be a new experience when it comes to playing the class, considering we have these new kinds of are a new way in general to combo the abilities in the game, which we have not had before. 


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