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Elder Scrolls Online: Why Do Tanks And Groups Use Nunatak Monster Set?

Posted: Mar 31, 2023

Posted: Mar 31, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today, I just want to talk about why tanks and groups like to use Nunatak monster set. It has asked me a few times, and today is just the time to explain it to you all.

Usually because it is sometimes used as a substitute for Saxhleel Champion in the experience group. At the same time, it provides Major Force and helps maintain higher uptime as your team hits the critical cap faster. This is why Nunatak is a two-piece monster set, while Saxhleel is a five-piece gear set.

Players can achieve the same result by providing the supreme power with Saxhleel. This increases critical damage by 20%, and Nunatak provides Major Brittle, which causes enemies to take another 20% critical damage. So they are actually similar things.

Now, it is important for players to remember that Crit Damage Cap here is 125%. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to combine Major Brittle with Minor Brittle, Minor Force, Elemental Catalyst, and all other crit sources.

Nunatak in Elder Scrolls Online

Not only is it a waste of ESO Gold if your Major Force is about to go over the cap, but it also doesn’t have any potential to use Nunatak. Therefore, players must manage the frequency of damage output.

Because the base duration is only 4 seconds, and it has a long cooldown of 15 seconds. You will need to communicate and time the triggers of the two monster sets to make them work best. If it is not for a team with rich experience, it may not be possible to achieve this kind of tactics that requires a high degree of cohesion.

At this point, you’ll also want to make sure Nazaray’s wearer activates their ultimate. After Nunatak wearer applies Major Brittle, if Nazaray user has to use 500 more ultimates. They can really quickly form their own ultimate build. That means the Major Brittle they can apply from Nunatak is probably 20-29 seconds, which at this point means a lot.

Both Nunatak and Nazaray will have their cooldowns turned off. If someone uses the ultimate cooldown again, they can be used in combination again. So if you have 250 ultimate, this will make Nunatak’s Major Brittle last 16 seconds.

But again, Nunatak can even be activated for 20 seconds after it turned the cooldown off. So you basically get a lot of duration on Major Brittle. This means you should have more uptime and a longer max crit cap duration. Either by delivering a Major Power or a Major Brittle.

Nunatak's Monster Set

The normal Aggressive Horn here can provide the strength of Major Force for only 10 seconds, but the player also needs to use 250 Ultimate, and needs to combine Nunatak with Nazaray. Instead of getting Light Armor sets, you get 20 seconds of Major Brittle.

The main issue besides needing to manage the use of the two monster sets is who is using Nazaray and which ultimates are they using. Of course, you wouldn’t use Aggressive Horn on Nazaray. Otherwise, there is no point in using Nunatak. But if you use Colossus to put it on Necromancer, you may also miss the extended duration of the main bug.

So you have to plan ahead who uses Nazaray and what ultimates to make sure you get the most out of the two monster sets. And Nazaray users may be the ones who help you get to the ultimate build faster.

So that’s pretty much everything you need to know about why people use Nunatak as a Monster Set. Accurate use of them will be very beneficial to your team. Of course, this is also a test of the player’s team.


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