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Elder Scrolls Online: Guide To The Most Difficult Healer To Operate

Posted: Apr 01, 2023

Posted: Apr 01, 2023

Source:  IGGM

There are many types of occupations in Elder Scrolls Online, and it inextricably linked each occupation to the dark history of the game. In Elder Scrolls Online, Healer is usually taken for granted. But we all know that the quality of a Healer plays a vital role in team combat. So, what are the hard-to-play Healers in Elder Scrolls Online?

I think it is generally difficult for players to play a Healer well, not because of the class itself. It’s that the player is not able to keep the Healer’s equipment buffs and apply them to the correct person in time. Still, classes like Wardens, Nightblades, Necromancer and Templars have certain abilities that make them more popular with players than others.


Many players would consider Necromancer to be one of the most difficult Healers to play. Because many of Necromancer’s abilities rely on the presence of corpses in the target area to fully utilize their abilities. If there are no corpses in the target area, the player must kill some Blastbones to create corpses.

Necromancer Healer Build

Although Blastbones are easily defeated by the player, they still deal some damage to the player and provide no healing. As a result, using this ability will occasionally distract you from healing.

At the same time, when Necromancer is used as a Healer in a team, it also requires players to be experienced and have proficient removal skills, even including Maw of Lorkhaj. You must know how to trigger your skills in time, so that other skills can exert their maximum effect in a short time.


Wardens is probably the most powerful Healer in the game. Because of them, the buffs they provide can often help players improve a lot in a short period. At the same time, there is not much difference between its 3 main class skills, and players can use them randomly.

ESO Magicka Warden Healer Build

However, Wardens is also one of the most difficult Healers considered by most players. The reason for saying this is that usually players have to hit the target of the attack when they actually use Wardens’ Huge Burst Heal, rather than being able to throw automatic hits at will. This is a great test for the player’s quick response in emergency situations.

For example, Templar or Necromancer do not need to aim or ensure that the player’s team fights in a specific area, and the player can provide them with a large amount of Burst Heal. Therefore, many players will think that the most difficult Healer is Wardens. But other classes may not be a strong Healer either.


Many players also considered Templar to be one of the most difficult Healers. Since they are usually the most relied upon classes in Vet content, this also necessitates the presence of Templar. But it won’t be like Necromancer. As long as you can really master their skills and have enough equipment, they can trigger passive skills and advance smoothly.

Beginner Friendly Templar Healer in ESO

Many of Templar’s builds need to be combined with certain content, and each build may only be suitable for a boss or just an experiment. It also requires your team to be structured around your battle goals. Damager, Healer, Tank also need to know what buffs they provide to the team. Even, there is absolutely no way to justify this kind of construction for every occupation. It’s probably all about passive skills and buffs.


And Dragonknight, in fact, they are not Healer in the genuine sense. But they also have three class abilities that can heal others. They are often also available as part of a team to provide corresponding therapeutic support. As such, we can use him as a Healer as long as no real advanced skill is required.

The difficulty with it is that it is difficult to set up and use it correctly. Because you need to provide other available practical skills while using healing skills to maximize the value of players in the field.

Dragonknight Class Guide

Usually when choosing a Healer, the most important thing is the buffs that this class can provide to the team. Of course, when the team uses a powerful Healer, it is also a test of the team’s own experience and ability.

The above is my opinion and the players’ views on the difficult Healers in ESO. If you have any other ideas, welcome to discuss them in the community. Don’t forget to take advantage of ESO Gold to get the proper gear before attempting it. It will make your mission more efficient with less effort. Hope these will help you. Wish you a happy life.


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