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Elder Scrolls Online: Anniversary Jubilee Event Guide 2023

Posted: Apr 03, 2023

Today, we will talk about the Anniversary Jubilee Event in Elder Scrolls Online.

When Does The Anniversary Jubilee Event Start?

Usually, the Anniversary Jubilee Event takes place at the beginning of April, after the Jester’s Festival.

How Can I Start The Anniversary Jubilee Event?

Our first step is to obtain the extra special and super tasty Jubilee Cake. Open the Crown Store and here we can find the Event Quest Starter for the Anniversary Jubilee Event.

Start the Event Quest: Ache for Cake, which will help you to obtain our Jubilee Cake.

ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event Guide 2023

Complete The Quest “Ache for Cake” & Obtain The Jubilee Cake Memento

Now, we have to visit Chef Donolon. You will find him at the Dockyards of Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls, at the Docks in Vulkel Guard in Auridon, or in the northern Harbor District of Daggerfall in Glenumbra.

You can visit any of the locations regardless of your alliance.

Ingredients For The Anniversary Jubilee Cake

Once you have spoken to Donolon, you need to acquire the ingredients for the cake. In case you do not already own the ingredients, you need to obtain 1 Banana, 3 Flour and 2 Honey.

All the ingredients are placed around chef Donolon and you just have to pick them up. Of course, you can also purchase the needed ingredients with ESO Gold from the Grocer or guild traders.

Unlock The Anniversary Jubilee Cake

After you returned to Chef Donolon and successfully completed the quest, you will get the Jubilee Cake Memento. Each year, you can obtain a new and unique cake.

Double XP Buff - How To Use Your Jubilee Cake Memento?

To use the Jubilee Cake, you haven to open your collections, go to Tools and then click on Jubilee Cake Memento.

This will summon the Jubilee Cake. Eat from the cake and the Jubilee Cake will grant you a double XP buff for 2 hours during the event.

Note that you get for each year a new and slightly different looking cake and don’t forget that you have to reapply the double XP buff every 2 hours.

Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes

During the Anniversary Jubilee Event, you can earn Jubilee gift boxes for completing any daily or weekly repeatable quests anywhere in ESO.

These gift boxes can provide unique rewards like Bonemold Style pages, Saberkeel Panoply Style pages, crafting materials, recipes, Transmutation Crystal, style items and valuable Motif pages.

In the past years, you had a chance to find motif chapters from over 40 different crafting motifs in the Jubilee Gift Boxes.

The Style Pages, which you find inside anniversary gift boxes, are tradeable. That means you are able to sell or purchase the Style pages at the Guild Traders for ESO Gold, too.

ESO Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes

Daily Repeatable Quests

As said earlier, you can earn the Jubilee Gift Boxes from daily repeatable quest. You can find hundreds of different daily repeatable quests in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Daily Repeatable Quests are easily identified by green quest markers and there is also a note in your quest journal. There are daily repeatable quests available for all kinds of content, such as completing Crafting, PVP, Dungeons, Arena, NPC Guilds, Zone Daily Repeatable Quests and more.

You can prepare Daily repeatable quests in advance to earn extra Jubilee Gift Boxes.

I usually prepare the daily crafting quests for the Anniversary Jubilee Event. That means, a day before the event starts, I pickup and prepare daily repeatable quests, but don’t hand them in.

Like that, I can complete as soon as the Anniversary Jubilee Events is active multiple dailies and can complete even more since you can do the dailies of that day too.

That means you can earn a lot of Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes. Of course, you can prepare all kinds of daily quests if you like to do so.

Event Tickets

You can also earn 3 event tickets per day or per account during the Anniversary Jubilee Event. Just use the Cake memento and a eat a piece of cake and you will get your 3 Event Tickets.

The Impresario Event Merchant

The Impresario Event Merchant also opens her shop during the Anniversary Jubilee Event. This year can purchase Bonemold Style pages for 5 Event Tickets each.

Also, you can purchase a replica Jubilee Cake Furnishings if you earned the related ache for cake quests achievement and obtained the Anniversary Cake Memento. Each Cake Furnishing costs 3 Event Tickets.

Furthermore, you can purchase Passion Dancer Blossom Pet fragments, Meadowbreeze Memories, skin fragments and more.

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Bag Of Jubilee Yesteryear

Several rewards from previous Anniversary Jubilee Events can no longer be found in Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes.

These rewards are now included in the Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear, which you can purchase for 2 event tickets from the Impresario Event Merchant.

Inside the Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear, you can find the following Style pages: Worm Cult Style, Jephrine Paladin Style, Imperial Champion Style, Prophet Style, Abnur Tharn Style, Sai Sahan Style and Lyris Titanborn Style.

Any items you purchase from the Impresario with event tickets will be bound to your Account and you can’t trade them.

ESO Aurora Firepot Spider Pet

Aurora Firepot Spider Pet

The Aurora Firepot Spider Pet fragments are also included in the bag of Jubilee yesteryear.

To unlock the Aurora Firepot Spider Pet, you need to collect in total four fragments. Three Fragments: the front legs, rear legs and the firepot, may be found in Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear.

And the final fourth fragment is the Aurora Firepot Spider Instructions, which are necessary to combine the pet, is sold by the Impresarios Assistant.

You can find the Impresarios Assistant, Philius Dormier, at any Impresarios Tent.

Indrik Vendor

The Indrik Vendor will also open her shop during the Anniversary Jubilee Event. She offers during the second quarter of 2023 Nascent Indrik feathers, Luminous Indrik berries and Icebreath Indrik berries. You can also purchase the Shimmering Indrik Pet and Rimedusk Indrik Pet.

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