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News Tag: CSCCA

  • Elden Ring mod adds seamless co-op

    Posted: Apr 27, 2022

    Elden Ring is full of mysteries. But it’s also very rare for players, because every mystery players discover in the game makes them feel like they’re the first in the world to discover it, even if they follow a guide to get there.

    However, some things about Elden Ring would be better if it wasn’t so mysterious and opaque, like how the dang game’s co-op mode works. This naturally inspired a modder to come up with a way to make Elden Ring’s co-op seamless and unrestricted. It was just a dream.

    First spotted by YouTuber Luke Yui, he’s been working on a mod that removes Elden Ring’s multiplayer limitations. Games typically only allow players to summon collaborators in certain areas, usually where there are bosses or enemy lairs to clear. Player-to-player connections will only last until the area boss is defeated, the player dies, or leaves the designated multiplayer area.

    In a YouTube video, LukeYui appears to have found a way to circumvent the triggers that usually result in his collaborators being fired, defeating the Tree Sentinel area boss with another player, and then resting by the campfire with them. Both are actions that usually end the co-op session.

    Less is more, and that Elden Ring only allows players to seek help in certain areas temporarily where they might actually need it, makes that help feel more meaningful in a big way. However, sometimes it’s good to consider exploring The Lands Between with friends, not because there are enemies to kill, but because it’s just a beautiful world to watch with other people.

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  • How To Find All Elden Ring Sorcery Scrolls?

    Posted: Apr 25, 2022

    Sorcery magic is scarce in Elden Ring. Even if you start the game as an astrologer, you’ll have a hard time finding new spells for yourself early in the game. There are no vendors in Roundtable Hold that will give you access to new spells. To get more sorcery magic in Elden Ring, you need to find scrolls all over the world. Let IGGM show you where these scrolls are.

    Unlike incantation vendors, there are they offered very few sorcery vendors and fewer scrolls to them. This is because there are only three scrolls that can be given to vendors to increase the magic they sell.

    Royal House Scroll

    This is the easiest scroll to find because you can find it before you defeat Godrick. You need to drive from the southeast from the Aghell Lake southern site of grace. You should encounter an enemy camp with a square building on one side and a collapsed circular building on the other. Jump to the top of the square building and you’ll find a scroll on top of a corpse guarded by a spellcasting enemy.

    Academy Scroll

    This one is also easy to find, but you still need to defeat Godrick first. After leaving his arena and coming to Liurnia of the Lakes, you should see a cemetery nearby. It has some skeleton guards guarding it. Scrolls are easy to get if you are careful.

    Conspectus Scroll

    Since it’s at the Raya Lucaria Academy, it took longer to find it. You will find this scroll near the lobby. Go left from the door where you start and you should see a dead body sitting there. You just need to loot the corpse to get the scroll.

    Each of these scrolls will provide fixed spells when they are offered to the vendor.

    *Royal House Scroll will offer Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer;

    *Academy Scroll will offer Great Glintstone Shard and Swift Glintstone Shard;

    *Conspectus Scroll will offer Glinstone Cometshard and Star Shower.

    If you want more Elden Ring guides, you can always browse our news page. You can also come to IGGM when you need Elden Ring Runes/Items for sale. Use code "CSCCA" to get 5% off and then get what you want.

  • Elden Ring apologizes for bugs caused by the 1.04 patch

    Posted: Apr 22, 2022

    FromSoftware rolled out Elden Ring's biggest update to date two days ago, bringing balance tweaks and bug improvements to the game. This update has been highly discussed by fans, not only because of its massive adjustments to Weapon Skills and Magic Incantations.What's more, they also nerfed Cerulean Hidden Tear, which caused a lot of discussion among players around the world.

    Unlike the focus of this 1.04 patch to strengthen the non-popular strategy, Cerulean Hidden Tear is an item that many Elden Ring players will use frequently. It can be mixed with Flask of Wondrous Physick to temporarily enhance the effect and eliminate all FP consumption. But after this update, its duration was reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds. This left players with some complaints.

    After receiving the feedback, Elden Ring promptly tweeted about the unintentional bug that came with the update and promised to restore it in the next patch. This is undoubtedly good news for players, but the specific update schedule has not been released.

    However, there are still players who speculate that the shortening of the Cerulean Hidden Tear effect was originally planned in the 1.04patch plan, but the production team did not adopt the idea and forgot to modify it back.

    The modification of popular items has always been the center of controversy. It is believed that Cerulean Hidden Tear will be able to recover soon. If you also expect it to return to normal, you can follow IGGM to get the latest news on Elden Ring. IGGM will also give you cheap Elden Ring Runes for sale, and you can also use the promo code: "CSCCA" to get 5% off.

  • Elden Ring Dragon Hearts Collection Guide

    Posted: Apr 21, 2022

    One of the hottest games of 2022 so far, Elden Ring is full of secrets. If you simply want to be able to enjoy this new game, then you just need to explore slowly to get what you want. But if you want to master greater powers, then you need to know something that will actually help you, like Dragon Hearts.

    The way to get a dragon heart in Elden Ring is simple. You need to find a dragon and kill it. These dragon bosses will definitely drop, but you’ll only get one, and dealing with dragons isn’t easy. Early on, you’ll have a few options for getting Dragon Hearts, but one is earlier and easier than the others. We’ve listed these options below.

    Flying Dragon Agheel

    This dragon is the easiest to kill and is located in the lake west of your starting location. But even if it’s not much threatening, it’s a tough fight for beginners. So, being on the safe side, you’d better be well prepared before the battle. We recommend you upgrade to at least level 25 before trying to kill it. Also, you will need to summon some spirits to help you with this process. If you don’t know the details, you can contact IGGM for more detailed guidance.

    We also recommend that you find some smithing stones and get at least a +1 or +2 weapon. The longer this battle drags on, the greater your risk. Finally, if possible, you’d be better off getting fire-resistance items and gear first, as they can provide important advantages.

    When everything is ready, you can challenge it. Flying Dragon Agheel will rush in and the battle will begin! Like other dragons later, this dragon has a wide range of movement, so players should pay special attention to the following attacks:

    1: It will wiggle quickly with their tails, and if it is connected and not blocked, it will do a lot of damage to you.

    2: It will fly diagonally from right to left, strafing the area with fire.

    3: It will stomp with its left or right foot.

    If you’re in a single player game, we highly recommend Torrent, your horse. Flying Dragon Agheel will fly around quickly and use a wide arc as they spew flames, so when you’re riding a horse and attacking it, your avoidance abilities are enhanced. Things get trickier if you’re playing in a multiplayer team, as you won’t be able to summon torrents at this point. Your best bet is to use the gravel in the lake bed to provide yourself with cover as the Agheel breathes fire, but it’s not foolproof.

    Glintstone Dragon Smarag

    This crystal-clad dragon is located northwest of Rose Church, due west of Raya Lucaria Academy in the Lake of Liurnia. What you need to understand is that Glintstone Dragon Smarag is actually harder to deal with than Flying Dragon Agheel. Only after you’ve reached level 45 or higher can you try to beat Smarag. We recommend you get at least +3 or +4 weapons, and you’ll also need some anti-magic gear and items if you can find them. You’ll have Godrick’s Great Rune, and activating it with a rare Rune Arc can be a game-changer, skyrocketing your odds and loot in this battle.

    Smarag has all the abilities of Agheel and is stronger. First, Smarag has more health and resistances, and it also uses breaths magic fire. When the Smarag is on the ground, they can fire a homing magic missile that deals massive damage if it connects. That being said, most of the tips above that apply to maneuvering around Agheel also apply to Smarag.

    Magma Wyrm

    When your strength has risen to a high level, you can get another Dragon Heart by chasing Magma Wyrm. Unlike the beasts previously found in the game’s open world, Magma Wyrm is a more traditional boss fight at the end of the Gael Tunnel mine, where you can find Rot at the edge of the area at Scarlet Rot.

    We recommend that you be around level 50 or higher, with +6 or +7 weapons if you have a melee build. The fight takes place on a somewhat closed stage, so you need to keep your feet light to reposition quickly. The Magma Wyrm can’t fly, but twists around and spews magma everywhere. During battle, players are best to hide in its tail or under its belly, waiting for the opportunity to kill it with a single blow.

    Magma Wyrm Makar

    Defeat Magma Wyrm Makar to get another Dragon Heart. This great wyrm is ocated in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Overlook, which you’ll reach by continuing in Liurnia of the Lakes past Raya Lucaria Academy, following the lakebed north until it finally stops.

    It’s more dangerous than previous dragons, so we recommend you be at level 55 or higher, and if you’re using the melee version, use a +8 or +9 weapon. You can also summon an NPC called Great Horned Tragoth outside the boss room door. Tragoth has a heavy hammer and high health, so he’s a pretty big deal in this fight. Be aware that you’ll have more room to maneuver than you would when fighting the first Magma Wyrm, so use the central pillar for a tactical retreat if necessary

    The above is the introduction of dragons and dragon hearts in Elden Ring. If players want to have a better chance of winning in the battle, they may wish to get Elden Ring Runes/Items for sale by IGGM to enrich their equipment arsenal before capturing the Dragon Heart. And now there is a 5% off coupon code “CSCCA” available. We hope you all can gain something.

  • Elden Ring Patch 1.04 Available Now

    Posted: Apr 20, 2022

    Elden Ring has been well-received since its release, with an astonishing record of 12 million copies sold in three weeks. And Elden Ring's 1.04 patch is out now. This update is the largest since its release and mainly involves some balance adjustments in-game performance as well as detailed improvements and bug fixes.

    FromSoftware always pays attention to players' feedback and opinions. This update adds an on-off option for the camera's auto-rotate feature to address the previously reported issue of the lock feature not working properly. Also added some new plots for NPC "patches."

    In terms of game balance adjustments, Elden Ring has made a huge update, especially the construction of sorcery and weapon skills, many weapons and spells have increased attack damage and shortened recovery time.

    But it is worth mentioning that the Swarm of Flies used by players to defeat the recognized strongest boss, Malenia has been weakened. Players are quite critical of this because it means that defeating Malenia requires Finding another effective way and the process will become more difficult.

    At the same time, this update solves the afflicted animation problem of Madness that players are concerned about. The 1.04 patch shortens the animation length and reduces the recovery speed of Madness after accumulation.

    Overall, despite some dissatisfaction, this 1.04patch was welcomed by most players. Because most of the deficiencies raised by players have been improved or fixed.

    Please refer to the official website for the specific updated catalog.

    I believe that as a loyal player you have followed the pace of this update, you can continue to follow IGGM for more information, we will also provide you with cheap Elden Ring Runes for sale to ensure that you have more fun in the updated game. You are welcome to use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off, Check it now!

  • A deleted NPC quest in Elden Ring has been discovered

    Posted: Apr 19, 2022

    Prolific dataminer Lance McDonald found a deleted NPC questline in the Elden Ring. According to McDonald, if players visited Stormhill Shack, formerly known as Scavenger’s Shack, and now where players meet Roderika, during the web beta, it was empty. Before that test, however, it looked like the home of an unknown NPC named Monk Jigo.

    Jigo is “seduced by the good lady alcohol” and needs the players help to collect ingredients for Dreambrew, a magical booze shared with other NPCs that unlocks bonus dialogue. McDonald also stated that this explains why the game initially hides non-aggressive sleeping animals around the world, since from them The Tarnished can extract “Dream Mist” as one of the ingredients in the supernatural liquor.

    He also said that it was for him to remove such deep mechanics from the Elden Ring, being able to collect dreams from sleeping creatures, visit a completely deleted NPC character, get special drinks and interact with other familiar characters It’s pretty incredible to have a whole new conversation.

    Elden Ring boss Radahn was accidentally nerfed in a patch, but he’s now as strong as ever. FromSoftware’s previous game patch added new features like NPC icons and quests, as well as balance changes, while unexpectedly nerfing Starscourge Radahn. And now a new patch also fixes a bug in the balance of tweaks of Boss Starscourge Radahn in Update 1.03, which caused some of those attacks to be inadvertently reduced in power.

    If you’re struggling with Elden Ring right now and are having trouble with some tricky fights, you can get the cheapest Elden Ring Runes for sale with code "CSCCA" (5% off) here and check out more related in-game guides.

  • Several Points of No Return in Elden Ring

    Posted: Apr 18, 2022

    "Points of no return" is a concept in the video game, which refers to a stage in the progress of the game. At this stage, the player has no choice or reversal and can only continue to advance the story. Moreover, in the remaining game after this stage is crossed, also There is no way to go back to the previous game's progress. This kind of setup usually is the start of the final challenge before the end of the game.

    Just like From Software's previous game works, many endings and tasks can be missed in Elden Ring, but what players need to focus on is that there are several points of no return in the Elden Ring game.

    When players start the Elden Ring game journey, they choose a class that cannot be changed. This is a very common point of no return, and players already know it before they choose a class in the beginning.

    In particular, players need to pay attention to the following two situations. The first is that when the player progresses to the Forge of the Giants where Melina is located after defeating the Fire Giant, if you choose to answer "yes" to Melina's question, the game will enter Crumbling Farum Azula, where players need to face new enemies, Find Malliketh, The Black Blade, step by step, with no way back.

    The second is that when the player defeats Maliketh, The Black Blade, players will enter Leyndell, Ashen Capital, where the final boss is located. After entering, players will not be able to return to the Leyndell, Royal Capital. Some of the original NPCs will die, and the questline will change accordingly. And players are about to usher in the final Boss battle, and can't go back to the previous scene.

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  • All Elden Ring Prayerbooks Location Distribution

    Posted: Apr 16, 2022

    In Elden Ring, players can learn to pray through various Prayerbooks. There are 8 Prayerbooks in total. IGGM brings you a complete list of Elden Ring Prayerbooks location distribution. Let’s look at the specific introduction below.

    Assassin’s Prayerbook

    Incantations: Darkness & Assassin’s Approach

    Location: Behind the 2nd Imp Statue in Roundtable Hold. The 1st door takes one key to open, while the second one takes two keys to unlock. So you’ll need three Stonesword Keys.

    Godskin Prayerbook

    Incantations: Black Flame & Black Flame Blade

    Location: Head outside of Rampart Tower and jump across the right side of the roof. Then, jump to the left side over the banister where you see the ledge and a set of stairs. Kill the rats and dispel the white fog open the chest with 1x Stonesword Key.

    Fire Monks’ Prayerbook

    Incantations: O, Flame! & Surge, O Flame!

    Location: Recovered from a dead body at a southern Fire Monk outpost.

    Dragon Cult Prayerbook

    Incantations: Lightning Spear & Honed Bolt & Electrify Armament

    Location: Head over the south of Liurnia of the Lakes and find a patrolling gold knight. This enemy dropped this book.

    Two Finger’s Prayerbook

    Incantations: Lord’s Heal & Lord’s Aid

    Location: Near the "First Floor of the Walled City" of the blessing of the king city, enter the same building as the great blessing of the king city, and pick it up from the first door on the left after entering the door on the first floor (Note: The king city cannot be obtained after it is destroyed)

    Giant’s Prayerbook

    Incantations: Giantsflame Take Thee & Flame, Fall Upon Them

    Location: You can find this book on the top of Guardian’s Garrison. Check the tower behind Chief Guardian Arghanthy, and head up the ladder.

    Golden Order Principia in Elden Ring

    Incantations: Radagon’s Rings of Light & Law of Regression

    Location: Leyndell Royal Capital – Reach the chamber where you’ll fight Godfrey, First Elden Lord. After beating him, climb up the branch and go out the yard. Then, go back to that building and you’ll see an opening. Head inside and use the other branches to claim this item.

    Note: Law of Regression is required for the Age of Order secret ending.

    Ancient Dragon Prayerbook

    Incantations: Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear & Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

    Location: Walk past the 3 skeletons and head down the set of stairs. Go past the 1st hallway then turn to the right going to a huge area. Slowly approach the bloodstain on the rubble. You'll get Ancient Dragon Prayerbook from the skeleton near it.

    The location distribution of Elden Ring Prayerbooks has been shared with everyone. Besides their specific locations, IGGM also briefly introduced the corresponding Incantations that can be learned, hoping to help everyone in the game. If players want more Elden Ring Runes/Items to help with rapid character growth, they can now use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off at, which is a great deal. Act now!

  • 'Let me solo her' becomes a legendary player in Elden Ring

    Posted: Apr 15, 2022

    As a large-scale fantasy Action role-playing game, Elden Ring can be enjoyed by all kinds of players. And recently, the Elden Ring subreddit has circulated the story of a legendary player: a naked player named "Let me solo her" with a pot on his head dared to single out Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and now his deeds have become a legend among the players.

    The popularity of "Let me solo her" wasn't accidental, it was dramatic. As we all know, Malenia, Blade of Miquella is considered by many to be one of the toughest bosses in FromSoftware history, and even for a skilled Elden Ring player, defeating Malenia is pretty tough. And in the Soulsborne series, armor and weapons are the key to defeating the enemy, but "Let Me Solo Her" doesn't wear any armor as protection, only uses a katana sword to fight against such a powerful boss, and just like his ID, he completely can do it alone and successfully won the battle against Malenia.

    At the same time, the setting of calling allies in the game allows his heroism and bravery to be fully displayed in the player group. Players can choose to summon powerful allies by consuming some elixir in the event of a stalemate in battle. "Let me solo her" has also been assisting the players who summoned him. He has helped Tarnished defeat Malenia several times during his journey. Therefore, players also like this strangely dressed hero, and there is more and more discussion about his deeds.

    "Let me solo her" is actually a YouTuber named Klein Tsuboi. After he had become popular in the Elden Ring community, he also expressed his gratitude to all players for their support, and he will also help other Tarnished to fight with Malenia for a long time.

    The appearance of Let me solo her adds more interest to Elden Ring. If you are also a player of Elden Ring, you are welcome to continue to follow for more news. In addition, we also provide players with cheap Elden Ring Runes, you can use code "CSCCA" to get 5% off. If you need it, please feel free to contact IGGM!

  • Elden Ring Players Want From Software to Increase Player Count Multiplayer PvP Interaction Has Been Implemented

    Posted: Apr 07, 2022

    So far, Elden Ring has been released for more than a months. While exploring and enjoying the huge and beautiful open world in the game, players also have their own opinions on the improvement and improvement of shortcomings of the game. The hottest topic of discussion in the Elden Ring community right now is that players want From Software to remove the multiplayer cap for larger PvP events.

    Invasions, rescues, and the world for fight clubs are Elden Ring’s means of attracting players since its release. To the surprise of mmo fans, Elden Ring’s PvP mode is breaking new ground. So this difference inevitably went wrong, leading players to demand major changes in Elden Ring.

    Compared with FromSoftware’s Dark Souls 3, It has a player cap of six, which can exchange the maximum number of invaders and collaborators. The core of the currentplayer controversy is that Elden Ring limits the number of players in each world. Multi player interaction is limited to four players per world, and there is only one invader. Simply put, players rarely encounter multiplayer PvP interactions. Even if one does appear in a multiplayer world, interest in structured duels or “fight club” is rare. Players wanting to do those bigger PvP events can only increase the number of players per world by requiring From Software.

    With the increasing popularity of the topic, attention has gradually shifted to the current coliseums. These coliseums are closed currently, although some data suggest they will be open for the future. Someone guessed that coliseums will be part of the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, which may bring them greater experience.

    At present, whether this improvement opinion can be adopted, all Elden Ring players can do temporarily is to wait and see what From Software’s next move is. Elden Ring is From Software’s unconventional work, which means it will add richer game content, but it’s also possible that little has changed. I believe that the current Elden Ring players should focus on enjoying the game and have hope for the game.

    If you are currently enjoying the fun of Elden Ring and want to have a richer gaming experience in the game, you can buy the products you need from IGGM, our professional team can provide you with enough Elden Ring Runes, you can enjoy IGGM’s professional services at a very low price, and the transaction is safe and fast. Plus, use code “CSCCA” and you’ll get 5% off all Elden Ring products. Now, if you have any needs, please contact us in time.

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