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Elden Ring Patch 1.04 Available Now

Posted: Apr 20, 2022

Elden Ring has been well-received since its release, with an astonishing record of 12 million copies sold in three weeks. And Elden Ring's 1.04 patch is out now. This update is the largest since its release and mainly involves some balance adjustments in-game performance as well as detailed improvements and bug fixes.

FromSoftware always pays attention to players' feedback and opinions. This update adds an on-off option for the camera's auto-rotate feature to address the previously reported issue of the lock feature not working properly. Also added some new plots for NPC "patches."

In terms of game balance adjustments, Elden Ring has made a huge update, especially the construction of sorcery and weapon skills, many weapons and spells have increased attack damage and shortened recovery time.

But it is worth mentioning that the Swarm of Flies used by players to defeat the recognized strongest boss, Malenia has been weakened. Players are quite critical of this because it means that defeating Malenia requires Finding another effective way and the process will become more difficult.

At the same time, this update solves the afflicted animation problem of Madness that players are concerned about. The 1.04 patch shortens the animation length and reduces the recovery speed of Madness after accumulation.

Overall, despite some dissatisfaction, this 1.04patch was welcomed by most players. Because most of the deficiencies raised by players have been improved or fixed.

Please refer to the official website for the specific updated catalog.

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