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Elden Ring Dragon Hearts Collection Guide

Posted: Apr 21, 2022

One of the hottest games of 2022 so far, Elden Ring is full of secrets. If you simply want to be able to enjoy this new game, then you just need to explore slowly to get what you want. But if you want to master greater powers, then you need to know something that will actually help you, like Dragon Hearts.

The way to get a dragon heart in Elden Ring is simple. You need to find a dragon and kill it. These dragon bosses will definitely drop, but you’ll only get one, and dealing with dragons isn’t easy. Early on, you’ll have a few options for getting Dragon Hearts, but one is earlier and easier than the others. We’ve listed these options below.

Flying Dragon Agheel

This dragon is the easiest to kill and is located in the lake west of your starting location. But even if it’s not much threatening, it’s a tough fight for beginners. So, being on the safe side, you’d better be well prepared before the battle. We recommend you upgrade to at least level 25 before trying to kill it. Also, you will need to summon some spirits to help you with this process. If you don’t know the details, you can contact IGGM for more detailed guidance.

We also recommend that you find some smithing stones and get at least a +1 or +2 weapon. The longer this battle drags on, the greater your risk. Finally, if possible, you’d be better off getting fire-resistance items and gear first, as they can provide important advantages.

When everything is ready, you can challenge it. Flying Dragon Agheel will rush in and the battle will begin! Like other dragons later, this dragon has a wide range of movement, so players should pay special attention to the following attacks:

1: It will wiggle quickly with their tails, and if it is connected and not blocked, it will do a lot of damage to you.

2: It will fly diagonally from right to left, strafing the area with fire.

3: It will stomp with its left or right foot.

If you’re in a single player game, we highly recommend Torrent, your horse. Flying Dragon Agheel will fly around quickly and use a wide arc as they spew flames, so when you’re riding a horse and attacking it, your avoidance abilities are enhanced. Things get trickier if you’re playing in a multiplayer team, as you won’t be able to summon torrents at this point. Your best bet is to use the gravel in the lake bed to provide yourself with cover as the Agheel breathes fire, but it’s not foolproof.

Glintstone Dragon Smarag

This crystal-clad dragon is located northwest of Rose Church, due west of Raya Lucaria Academy in the Lake of Liurnia. What you need to understand is that Glintstone Dragon Smarag is actually harder to deal with than Flying Dragon Agheel. Only after you’ve reached level 45 or higher can you try to beat Smarag. We recommend you get at least +3 or +4 weapons, and you’ll also need some anti-magic gear and items if you can find them. You’ll have Godrick’s Great Rune, and activating it with a rare Rune Arc can be a game-changer, skyrocketing your odds and loot in this battle.

Smarag has all the abilities of Agheel and is stronger. First, Smarag has more health and resistances, and it also uses breaths magic fire. When the Smarag is on the ground, they can fire a homing magic missile that deals massive damage if it connects. That being said, most of the tips above that apply to maneuvering around Agheel also apply to Smarag.

Magma Wyrm

When your strength has risen to a high level, you can get another Dragon Heart by chasing Magma Wyrm. Unlike the beasts previously found in the game’s open world, Magma Wyrm is a more traditional boss fight at the end of the Gael Tunnel mine, where you can find Rot at the edge of the area at Scarlet Rot.

We recommend that you be around level 50 or higher, with +6 or +7 weapons if you have a melee build. The fight takes place on a somewhat closed stage, so you need to keep your feet light to reposition quickly. The Magma Wyrm can’t fly, but twists around and spews magma everywhere. During battle, players are best to hide in its tail or under its belly, waiting for the opportunity to kill it with a single blow.

Magma Wyrm Makar

Defeat Magma Wyrm Makar to get another Dragon Heart. This great wyrm is ocated in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Overlook, which you’ll reach by continuing in Liurnia of the Lakes past Raya Lucaria Academy, following the lakebed north until it finally stops.

It’s more dangerous than previous dragons, so we recommend you be at level 55 or higher, and if you’re using the melee version, use a +8 or +9 weapon. You can also summon an NPC called Great Horned Tragoth outside the boss room door. Tragoth has a heavy hammer and high health, so he’s a pretty big deal in this fight. Be aware that you’ll have more room to maneuver than you would when fighting the first Magma Wyrm, so use the central pillar for a tactical retreat if necessary

The above is the introduction of dragons and dragon hearts in Elden Ring. If players want to have a better chance of winning in the battle, they may wish to get Elden Ring Runes/Items for sale by IGGM to enrich their equipment arsenal before capturing the Dragon Heart. And now there is a 5% off coupon code “CSCCA” available. We hope you all can gain something.


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