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A deleted NPC quest in Elden Ring has been discovered

Posted: Apr 19, 2022

Prolific dataminer Lance McDonald found a deleted NPC questline in the Elden Ring. According to McDonald, if players visited Stormhill Shack, formerly known as Scavenger’s Shack, and now where players meet Roderika, during the web beta, it was empty. Before that test, however, it looked like the home of an unknown NPC named Monk Jigo.

Jigo is “seduced by the good lady alcohol” and needs the players help to collect ingredients for Dreambrew, a magical booze shared with other NPCs that unlocks bonus dialogue. McDonald also stated that this explains why the game initially hides non-aggressive sleeping animals around the world, since from them The Tarnished can extract “Dream Mist” as one of the ingredients in the supernatural liquor.

He also said that it was for him to remove such deep mechanics from the Elden Ring, being able to collect dreams from sleeping creatures, visit a completely deleted NPC character, get special drinks and interact with other familiar characters It’s pretty incredible to have a whole new conversation.

Elden Ring boss Radahn was accidentally nerfed in a patch, but he’s now as strong as ever. FromSoftware’s previous game patch added new features like NPC icons and quests, as well as balance changes, while unexpectedly nerfing Starscourge Radahn. And now a new patch also fixes a bug in the balance of tweaks of Boss Starscourge Radahn in Update 1.03, which caused some of those attacks to be inadvertently reduced in power.

If you’re struggling with Elden Ring right now and are having trouble with some tricky fights, you can get the cheapest Elden Ring Runes for sale with code "CSCCA" (5% off) here and check out more related in-game guides.


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