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Elden Ring Players Want From Software to Increase Player Count Multiplayer PvP Interaction Has Been Implemented

Posted: Apr 07, 2022

Posted: Apr 07, 2022

Source:  IGGM

So far, Elden Ring has been released for more than a months. While exploring and enjoying the huge and beautiful open world in the game, players also have their own opinions on the improvement and improvement of shortcomings of the game. The hottest topic of discussion in the Elden Ring community right now is that players want From Software to remove the multiplayer cap for larger PvP events.

Invasions, rescues, and the world for fight clubs are Elden Ring’s means of attracting players since its release. To the surprise of mmo fans, Elden Ring’s PvP mode is breaking new ground. So this difference inevitably went wrong, leading players to demand major changes in Elden Ring.

Compared with FromSoftware’s Dark Souls 3, It has a player cap of six, which can exchange the maximum number of invaders and collaborators. The core of the currentplayer controversy is that Elden Ring limits the number of players in each world. Multi player interaction is limited to four players per world, and there is only one invader. Simply put, players rarely encounter multiplayer PvP interactions. Even if one does appear in a multiplayer world, interest in structured duels or “fight club” is rare. Players wanting to do those bigger PvP events can only increase the number of players per world by requiring From Software.

With the increasing popularity of the topic, attention has gradually shifted to the current coliseums. These coliseums are closed currently, although some data suggest they will be open for the future. Someone guessed that coliseums will be part of the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, which may bring them greater experience.

At present, whether this improvement opinion can be adopted, all Elden Ring players can do temporarily is to wait and see what From Software’s next move is. Elden Ring is From Software’s unconventional work, which means it will add richer game content, but it’s also possible that little has changed. I believe that the current Elden Ring players should focus on enjoying the game and have hope for the game.

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