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Elden Ring players are working hard at AFK Runes Farm

Posted: Apr 06, 2022

Posted: Apr 06, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring has a new Elden Ring Runes farm strategy that revolves around hiding in seemingly unreachable parts of the map until their opponent dies or gets bored and leaves. Now, players who just want to play old-fashioned PvP duels are looking for new ways to fight back.

The favorite thing gamers do is not actually play the game and get rewarded for it. AFK farms are still in all the rage, and it turns out Elden Ring isn’t immune. More and more players have recently reported that they have been involved in PvP invasions against the MIA, which has made them angry. Some hope that developer FromSoftware will eventually patch the glaring bug, but in the meantime, players are taking care of things themselves.

Here IGGM brings players a look at how the latest AFK rune farm in the game works. The most popular version involves going to the first spawn point at the beginning of the game, then heading to a nearby cliff. From there, using their mount Torrent, players can double-jump down to the lower ledge. They then use Furlcalling Finger Remedy and Taunter’s Tongue to lure raiders into their game, and keep their White Cipher Ring open for summon hunters to fight on their behalf.

Another version of the exploit involved using a torrent to climb the tallest building at the Grace of Site. Because it cannot summon once mounts, a PvP battle begins, making them inaccessible to others. For added security, some AFK rune farmers also like to use Mimic’s Veil to turn it into an object that an adversary cannot lock on using auto-targeting. Now YouTube is full of videos of players earning runes on the AFK rune farm.

But as exploits become more popular, there are ways to combat it. It currently fills the Elden Ring subreddit with short clips of players using creative new strategies to kill AFK farmers. Because of these new strategies, AFK farmers are now being farmed sometimes.

A lot of players rely on these strategies to get tons of Elden Ring Runes. If you think this is still a hassle, then offers you an easy way to get Elden Ring Runes/Items to make it easier for you. You can also use code “CSCCA” to get 5% off all Elden Ring products, wonderful deal!


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