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Elden Ring mod adds seamless co-op

Posted: Apr 27, 2022

Elden Ring is full of mysteries. But it’s also very rare for players, because every mystery players discover in the game makes them feel like they’re the first in the world to discover it, even if they follow a guide to get there.

However, some things about Elden Ring would be better if it wasn’t so mysterious and opaque, like how the dang game’s co-op mode works. This naturally inspired a modder to come up with a way to make Elden Ring’s co-op seamless and unrestricted. It was just a dream.

First spotted by YouTuber Luke Yui, he’s been working on a mod that removes Elden Ring’s multiplayer limitations. Games typically only allow players to summon collaborators in certain areas, usually where there are bosses or enemy lairs to clear. Player-to-player connections will only last until the area boss is defeated, the player dies, or leaves the designated multiplayer area.

In a YouTube video, LukeYui appears to have found a way to circumvent the triggers that usually result in his collaborators being fired, defeating the Tree Sentinel area boss with another player, and then resting by the campfire with them. Both are actions that usually end the co-op session.

Less is more, and that Elden Ring only allows players to seek help in certain areas temporarily where they might actually need it, makes that help feel more meaningful in a big way. However, sometimes it’s good to consider exploring The Lands Between with friends, not because there are enemies to kill, but because it’s just a beautiful world to watch with other people.

For more news about Elden Ring, IGGM will continue to update. If players want to have more fun in the game, they can also use code "CSCCA" (5% off) to get the safest and cheapest Elden Ring Runes for sale here.


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