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All Elden Ring Prayerbooks Location Distribution

Posted: Apr 16, 2022

In Elden Ring, players can learn to pray through various Prayerbooks. There are 8 Prayerbooks in total. IGGM brings you a complete list of Elden Ring Prayerbooks location distribution. Let’s look at the specific introduction below.

Assassin’s Prayerbook

Incantations: Darkness & Assassin’s Approach

Location: Behind the 2nd Imp Statue in Roundtable Hold. The 1st door takes one key to open, while the second one takes two keys to unlock. So you’ll need three Stonesword Keys.

Godskin Prayerbook

Incantations: Black Flame & Black Flame Blade

Location: Head outside of Rampart Tower and jump across the right side of the roof. Then, jump to the left side over the banister where you see the ledge and a set of stairs. Kill the rats and dispel the white fog open the chest with 1x Stonesword Key.

Fire Monks’ Prayerbook

Incantations: O, Flame! & Surge, O Flame!

Location: Recovered from a dead body at a southern Fire Monk outpost.

Dragon Cult Prayerbook

Incantations: Lightning Spear & Honed Bolt & Electrify Armament

Location: Head over the south of Liurnia of the Lakes and find a patrolling gold knight. This enemy dropped this book.

Two Finger’s Prayerbook

Incantations: Lord’s Heal & Lord’s Aid

Location: Near the "First Floor of the Walled City" of the blessing of the king city, enter the same building as the great blessing of the king city, and pick it up from the first door on the left after entering the door on the first floor (Note: The king city cannot be obtained after it is destroyed)

Giant’s Prayerbook

Incantations: Giantsflame Take Thee & Flame, Fall Upon Them

Location: You can find this book on the top of Guardian’s Garrison. Check the tower behind Chief Guardian Arghanthy, and head up the ladder.

Golden Order Principia in Elden Ring

Incantations: Radagon’s Rings of Light & Law of Regression

Location: Leyndell Royal Capital – Reach the chamber where you’ll fight Godfrey, First Elden Lord. After beating him, climb up the branch and go out the yard. Then, go back to that building and you’ll see an opening. Head inside and use the other branches to claim this item.

Note: Law of Regression is required for the Age of Order secret ending.

Ancient Dragon Prayerbook

Incantations: Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear & Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

Location: Walk past the 3 skeletons and head down the set of stairs. Go past the 1st hallway then turn to the right going to a huge area. Slowly approach the bloodstain on the rubble. You'll get Ancient Dragon Prayerbook from the skeleton near it.

The location distribution of Elden Ring Prayerbooks has been shared with everyone. Besides their specific locations, IGGM also briefly introduced the corresponding Incantations that can be learned, hoping to help everyone in the game. If players want more Elden Ring Runes/Items to help with rapid character growth, they can now use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off at, which is a great deal. Act now!


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