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Lost Ark: What you need to know about the Glaivier

Posted: Apr 26, 2022

Posted: Apr 26, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Lost Ark's April update, "Battle for the Throne of Chaos," has only been released for a week, and it has already attracted many new players. One of the most popular parts of this update is the release of a new character, Glaivier, first introduced in the Western version. Due to its unique playstyle and skills, the following information is something you cannot ignore before starting to choose to build a Glaivier.

First off, Glaivier is in the Martial Artist category, but she's quite different from the previous four Martial Artist subcategories. She can dual-wield weapons, and her shorter spear and longer glaive represent two different skill sets. Players need to maximize the benefits of the combination of weapons and skills through reasonable construction.

Although the production team officially set Glaivier as a class suitable for melee combat, in fact, according to her skills, she can achieve a balance between long-range and short-range attacks.

Due to the differences in each player's playstyle, there may be some builds which tend to favor one weapon, but on Engraving, Glaivier players can switch between Flurry and Focus by switching between the two stances. Coordinated use of weapons. Red skills are available when she is in Focus; blue skills are available in Flurry. At the same time, because Glaivier consumes the energy of the Dual Meter in stages when switching attitudes, these two states will affect each other, bringing a certain degree of the bonus.

Swapping from Flurry to Focus:

*Dual Meter level 1 grants a 5% Move Speed bonus.

*Dual Meter level 2 grants a 10% Move Speed and 10% Damage bonus.

*Dual Meter level 3 grants a 15% Move Speed, 10% Damage, and 25% Crit Damage bonus.

Swapping from Focus to Flurry:

*Dual Meter level 1 grants a 5% Attack Speed bonus.

*Dual Meter level 2 grants a 10% Attack Speed and 10% Damage bonus.

*Dual Meter level 3 grants a 15% Attack Speed, 10% Damage, and 15% Crit Rate bonus.

In addition, the awakening skills Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor and Storming Red Dragon will also increase the attack power and knock the enemy back. Players interested in the Martial Artist category will be able to experience a wider variety of skills and combat modes by participating in the limited-time event Arkesia.

If you also like Glaivier as a character and want to advance the game by boosting her, IGGM is here to help, and you can get cheap Lost Ark Gold for sale at for that ability boost. At the same time, you can continue to follow us for more news.


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