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Lost Ark: What you need to know about Rapport

Posted: Jul 09, 2022

Posted: Jul 09, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As a critically acclaimed MMORPG, the various NPCs in Lost Ark have always been a favorite of fans. As players, we can not only get quests, rewards and information through the communication with these NPCs but also through the Rapport mechanism to continuously improve their favorability to interact with them and open unique quest lines to get rewards.

Rapport Stages and Rapport Gifts Points.

Rapport NPC has five different Rapport Stages, and they are Disinterested, Neutral, Amicable, Friendly and Trusted, which also includes this sub-level, players need to gradually improve through accumulation.

Rapport Gifts are gifts that Rapport NPCs get from players. It will be displayed in the Rapport tab and divided by rarity. These gifts have different Rapport Gift Points, which are also one of the important bases for leveling up. Therefore, players need to obtain Rapport Gifts from various channels and send them to their favorite Rapport NPCs to accumulate Rapport Gifts Points and thus obtain a level upgrade.

Which NPCs can activate the Rapport mechanism?

It is not difficult to identify Rapport NPCs. The two hearts on their heads are their most obvious signs. And players can also find them through the map. Open the Rapport screen to see their location information.

How to increase the relationship with NPC?

Once players and their favorite NPCs have opened Rapport, the following methods can be taken to achieve the progress of Rapport Stages.

1. Give Rapport Gifts.

As I mentioned above, giving Rapport Gifts to NPCs is the main way for players to increase their relationships. Players can present up to 99 Rapport Gifts to NPCs per day. Using a reasonable strategy can achieve an ideal increase in Rapport Gift Points, up to a maximum of 10,000 points.

2. Play an instrument.

Players have five chances to play to Rapport NPCs five times a day, and NPCs also have specific music preferences, so players have to play their way to get a 200-400 Rapport boost per song.

3. Show emotes to Rapport NPCs.

Like playing a musical instrument, showing emotes is limited to five times a day, and each emote will be boosted by 200-400 Rapport.

4. Complete Rapport Quests.

At a certain stage in the player's relationship with the Rapport NPC, a Quest is unlocked, which the player needs to complete to gain a boost. will continue to bring you Lost Ark related information, and at the same time, we will also offer you great discounts to buy Lost Ark Gold to advance your game progress.


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