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Lost Ark: Arcanist Class Preview

Posted: Jul 14, 2022

Posted: Jul 14, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Smilegate is indeed following up with more content for Lost Ark Western. As the first reveal of the new Advanced Class on the roadmap, Arcanist has always been what players have been looking forward to seeing in Arkesia. Along with Bard and Sorceress, Arcanist will join them as the third Mage Advanced Class available.

We'll meet this magic-card-playing character in the Lost Ark July Update on July 20th, and before that, we'll need to have at least a rudimentary understanding of Arcanist.

1. Card Mechanism

What you must know is that Arcanist is a profession that cannot do without cards, she will inject powerful magic into the cards and cause damage to the enemy. Arcanist's skills are very rich but largely rely on the power of cards.

When players attack, a special card meter will be established, and when it is full, a card will be randomly drawn from the card deck to bring different degrees of damage. There are thirteen cards with different effects, and they are:

Three-Headed Snake Card - Basic Attack changes into 3 directions for 16s. On a hit, earn 1 stack. Damage to foes +100%. Damage to Challenge or lower monsters +400%.

Mayhem Card - For the 30s, Atk. Speed ​​+3% for 4s every time skills are used, up to 15%.

Twisted Fate Card - For 4s, your skill Damage either stays the same or increases by 40%.

Corrosion Card - For the 30s, gain a 30% chance of +10% Damage to the foe for 5s.

Ghost Card - Ignore collision with monsters. Move Speed ​​+20% and Damage from foes -50% for 3 hits for 16s.

Cull Card - For 4s, Crit Rate for all skill attacks is 100% and Crit Damage +50% when they hit 1 foe.

Balance Card - For the 30s, your Stacking skills are enhanced and grant you 1 more stack with each hit.

Judgment Card - For 4s, Ruin skills always trigger the 4 stack effect, regardless of the actual number of stacks cast upon foes.

Moon Card - Cooldown -10% and MP Recovery Speed ​​increase +20% for 30s.

Star Card - Recovers 100% MP. Remaining skills Cooldown -15% except for Awakening, Movement and Stand Up skills.

Wheel of Fortune Card - The Cooldown of the next skill decreases by 100%.

Royal Card - Fills empty card slots. You can obtain up to 2 cards.

Emperor Card - Inflict Damage to foes within a 14-meter radius. (Class Engraving dependent.

2. Skills

Arcanist skills are divided into four different categories, and they are Normal Skills, Stacking Skills, Ruin Skills and Awakening Skills.

The highlight of Normal Skills is that it can set up a Card Deck meter, giving players a chance to draw cards at random. And players store two drawn cards at a time to use when appropriate.

Stacking Skills include many skills with teleportation and ranged attacks, players should pay attention to their use.

Ruin Skills bring obvious large-area AoE, and Celestial Rain and Secret Garden can deal damage to most enemies on the field.

Awakening Skills include Prismatic Mirror and Deathbound, both of which can cause very high damage to knock enemies back, and this attack will stack according to the number of layers.

3. Class Engravings

Like other Advanced Classes, Arcanist also has two Class Engravings, Order of the Emperor and Empress’s Grace. Players can get different enhancements by upgrading them.

Order of the Emperor will increase the efficiency of card deck usage by adding an extra Card Deck meter to normal attacks. Also, a new card, the Emperor, will be added, which players can use to unleash powerful attacks. Empress's Grace focuses on bringing more damage buffs to Stacking and Ruin Skills.

Anyway, Arcanist's interesting attack mechanics and powerful skills are worth looking forward to. In addition, the July Update will bring more content, including two All-new limited-time events and the North Vern Powerpass, which can greatly help players improve their item levels. Of course, if you want to get a head start on the July update, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM. We will bring you more surprises, so stay tuned.


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