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Lost Ark Mystics And Mayhem Event Is Coming

Posted: Oct 20, 2022

Mystics and Mayhem

On October 26th, Lost Ark will usher in a new round of updates, including the launch of Mystics and Mayhem.The event is a seasonal event, and some of the raids, including Inferno difficulty Vykas Raid, Achates Trial Guardian Raid, and the Mystic Abyss Raid, are horrifying and just in line with the Halloween theme.

Lost Ark's Inferno difficulty Vykas Raid is the most challenging version of Legion Raids. Since gear is standardized in Inferno, this means that you must rely on pure skills rather than gear to be successful. The rewards for you are no longer equipment and materials, but a series of titles, achievements and even stronghold structures.

The functions of the Achates Trial Guardian Raid are similar to an Inferno Legion Raid. It is also a skill-based challenge, and you will earn corresponding achievements and titles if you succeed.

The Mystic Abyss Raid is expected to open on October 26 and end on November 16. This means you will have three weeks to complete the raid. At the same time, the rewards that you will get are determined according to the level of the enemy. The higher the level of the enemy, the more you will get. If you have Mystic Event Tokens, you can also use them to exchange for other items.

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