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EA FC 24: 6 Pro Tips To Help You Score More Goals!

Posted: Jan 18, 2024

Posted: Jan 18, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Here are 6 secrets the pros won’t tell you. Trust me, knowing all these secrets first can help you win more points in the game!

New Trivela Shot

First up, we have the new Trivela Shot. How is it different from the traditional Trivela Shot?

EA FC 24: 6 Pro Tips To Help You Score More Goals!

As you can see, we’re shooting from a weird angle. If we are right-footed and we shoot from the opposite angle, then we shoot from the left side of the goal.

In traditional Trivela Shot, you line up players to an exact side. If he is right-footed, he will shoot from the right towards the far post. However, in the new Trivela Shot, we will have right-footed players shooting from the left.

What makes it so good? The reason is something the players didn’t expect. From this point of view, Ruud Gullit was not prepared for Finesse Shot. He just faced the goalkeeper directly. So when you use Trivela to shoot from here, your opponent will be surprised.

How To Do Trivela Shot In FC 24? - Full Guide

Whipped+ German Cross

Next we have Whipped+ German Cross. German Cross has been disrupted this year. Therefore, I suggest you spend FC 24 Coins to buy players like Havertz and Bacha who have Whipped Pass Playstyle+ to complete.

So how do you execute it? It’s actually very easy to do, you just need to pay close attention.

The first step is to hit L1 and trigger one of your players to escape, preferably your CM. Once you’ve achieved this, just keep an eye on the running players.

The moment he’s on the last man, he can cross, either shoot or flick. As you can see, it is effectively used at the pro level as well.

FC 24: How To Perform The Perfect German Cross?

Lobbed Precision Pass

Next we have Lobbed Precision Pass. Guys, this is an absolute game-changer and I have yet to see anyone use it against me.

As you can see, we triggered our defender and ran a lobbed precision pass that resulted in a goal.

So how do you execute it? First, you need to trigger one of your defenders to run. After that, you have to aim accurately with the left stick.

Since we are using Precision Pass, aiming is important. Once you’ve targeted it accurately, when your player reaches the last man, cross with full force and, depending on your opponent’s actions, either hit him or keep running. This is an absolute game-changer, and it works for even the best players.

Here I have told Llorente to run. When he got to the last man, we started on R1 Square Lob Pass. Maybe you want to ask me why I didn’t choose L1 Square? Because L1 Square is much slower than R1 Square when performing this glitch.

EA FC 24: How to use Precision Pass?

Dead Stop

Next up, we have some new stuff I learned from Tekkz that is changing the game.

We will use Dead Stop. Dead Stop is when you stop without pressing any button on the controller. We don’t use L1 to stop. We simply take our hands off the controller and the player slows down.

Now let’s look at how our opponents react. If he comes towards you, you wait for the moment when he approaches. When he gets close, you’ll surprise him by turning around and taking a step.

If he flags a pass, you step over it. Otherwise you will see his reaction. As you can see, against Tekkz, his opponent thought he was going to pass. What does Tekkz do? He stopped. Come to a complete stop and pass.

Kick-off Glitch

Next we encounter the game-changing Kick-off Glitch. But to achieve this, you need a FC 24 Player with Long Ball Pass PlayStyles. It can be Long Ball Plus or Long Ball.

So basically what you do is trigger Player Lock, and then you flick the right stick toward one of your wingers. Once that’s done, you’ll be running in the open. Make sure to make overlapping runs towards the defender. Once you’ve completed your overlapping run, use the full power of L1 Triangle at the moment you’re about to pass the defender.

How to perform the Kick off Glitch in EA FC 24?

Player Lock

If you think that’s all, no! You may have noticed that I’m using a specific mechanic in these examples, whether it’s Lobbed Precision Pass or Kick-off or any other example. I’m talking about Player Lock.

Player Lock is absolutely lethal and a game changer. This is the best move you’ll learn this year, and you can do anything with Player Lock. And you can manually position your players, which is the biggest advantage.

As you can see, I’m running out wide with Kylian Mbappé. what do I do? I cut the ball back and passed it to Gullit. Now I want to manually position my player in an empty space. This is not possible without Player Lock. So we click R3 L3, flick the right stick toward Rivaldo, and then lock onto the player.

FC 24: Player Lock guide

Regardless, mastering these mechanics will take you to the next level. Good luck!


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