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EA FC 24: Which Double PlayStyle+ Combo Is Your Best Choice? - List Of 5 Top Double PlayStyle+

Posted: Feb 20, 2024

Posted: Feb 20, 2024

Source:  IGGM

In the ever-develop FC 24 gaming landscape, mastering the ideal double PlayStyle+ combination is crucial to improving player abilities and gaining an edge on the virtual pitch.

PlayStyles+ are like players’ unique signature moves, crafted from real-world data to play to their personal strengths in the digital realm. But rare double PlayStyle+ cards can elevate players’ performance to unparalleled levels.

However, not all double PlayStyle+ card combinations are created equal. Some pairings are more lethal and influential in the game, posing a significant threat to their opponents. In this guide, we take a deep dive into the top 5 double PlayStyle+ duos, breaking down their gaming prowess and in-game dominance.

EA FC 24: Which Double PlayStyle+ Combo Is Your Best Choice? - List Of 5 Top Double PlayStyle+

5. Rapid & Whipped Pass

The double PlayStyles+ combination of Rapid and Whipped Pass on player cards creates a deadly threat on the virtual court.

With Rapid, players gain incredible speed when dribbling, allowing them to outrun defenders and create space to deliver deadly crosses.

In the meantime, Whipped Pass ensures that all crosses are highly accurate, faster, and have more curves, making it difficult for defenders to intercept and providing ample scoring opportunities for teammates.

This combination benefits by adding a dynamic dimension to FC 24 players’ attacking strategies. With his excellent pace and precise crossing ability, the player will be a constant threat from the flanks, capable of breaking down defenses and delivering precise crosses into dangerous areas.

This combination allows players to adapt to different game situations and break down stubborn defenses with ease. Of course, investing more FC 24 Coins to improve the player’s comprehensive data can give you a smoother gaming experience.

4. Pinged Pass & Long Ball Pass

The combination of Pinged Pass and Long Ball Pass PlayStyles+ takes passing capabilities to extraordinary levels, allowing players to excel on the ground and in the air.

With Pinged Pass, players can deliver ground passes quickly and accurately, retain possession and initiate attacks with speed and precision. Meanwhile, Long Ball Pass allows them to execute pinpoint lobbed long passes, stretching the defense and creating scoring chances from deeper on the field.

Together, these PlayStyles+ provide versatility and unpredictability, making them difficult for opponents to defend.

So whether it’s passing the ball to strikers or making long-range conversions, the combination of Pinged Pass and Long Ball Pass can increase a player’s impact on the game, thereby promoting smooth and effective game strategies.

3. Technical & Finesse Shot

In EA FC 24, players with the double PlayStyles+ combo of Technical and Finesse Shot can become deadly weapons on the virtual court.

With Technical, these players can break through defenses with precise dribbling and create space to unleash the deadly Finesse Shot.

With a high level of football skills and playmaking ability, this PlayStyle+ pair is one of the top double PlayStyle+ pairs in EA FC 24.

These players can break through defenders and take finesse shots from different angles, making them a constant threat in front of the goal and contributing to their team’s success.

2. Anticipate & Block

Players equipped with the double PlayStyles+ combination of Anticipate and Block in EA FC 24 have incredibly powerful defensive skills.

Anticipate PlayStyle+ allows players to accurately anticipate and intercept passes. Block will enhance their ability to perform Elastico and Overreaching, effectively preventing opponents from scoring opportunities.

With PlayStyle+ enhancements, their standing tackle success rate is significantly improved, allowing them to tackle opponents more effectively while maintaining a low foul rate.

This combination benefits FC 24 players by providing unparalleled defensive stability and reliability.

EA FC 24 Best Double PlayStyle Players Explained

1. Quick Step & Trivela

Players equipped with the double PlayStyles+ combination of Quick Step and Trivela in EA FC 24 embody the perfect combination of agility and technical brilliance.

With Quick Step, players can accelerate both on and off the ball to quickly evade opponents and create space. This agility perfectly complements Trivela, allowing them to execute precise passes, crosses and shots with the outside of their foot in a fluid, dynamic manner.

PlayStyle+ enhancements further enhance their impact on the course. With Quick Step+, their acceleration during explosive sprints is significantly improved, allowing defenders to fall behind with ease.

Additionally, Trivela+ reduces errors in out-of-foot passes and shots, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness when executing this unique technique.

Therefore, Trivela and Quick Step are undoubtedly the undisputed champions in the list of the best double PlayStyle+ combos in EA FC 24.


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