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EA FC 24: Try This Ultimate 4-3-3(3) Formation - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

Posted: Feb 20, 2024

Allow me to introduce you to an unstoppable formation in EA FC 24 - the 4-3-3 (3) formation. I'll delve into this formation to provide you with insights on how to win more games. Before diving into this guide, make sure you have a sufficient amount of EA FC 24 Coins.

Defensive Tactics

Defensive Style: You should just be using Balance. Otherwise, your defensive line will be so far back compared to the rest of your team.

Width: You can put this all the way down to 35. Players sit back in the middle with 3 Midfielders, and the Left Mid and Right Mid or Wings come back and help solidify the midfield. The thing is, it’s a wide formation because they have Wingers, so you’re just making the formation a bit more narrow, but they’re still wide enough to defend the Wing areas.

Depth: This is below 45. When your depth’s above 45, your team can just start applying a bit of pressure off the ball, positional pressure. So maybe they’ll go a bit more forward, a bit more aggressive. You want to be a bit more passive. That way, when the ball is coming towards you, if you want to move a player and make yourself more aggressive, you can do that.

EA FC 24: Try This Ultimate 4-3-3(3) Formation - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

Offensive Tactics

Width: When your opponent has the ball and you’re out of possession, you want to be as wide as possible so you can distribute the ball to either the Wings. You can use hug the sidelines or others. So that is why we need to use offensive width of 70.

Build Up Play: This is a formation to close the game out, but you’re going to be lacking the attack. Slow Build Up is definitely the way to go when you’re under pressure. When you have the ball and players are running towards you, you feel more pressure on the ball, and you feel you want to play the ball quicker into different areas. Slow Build Up will also help you because more players will come closer to you. You’ll have more passing options. Not everyone’s going to be running forward, and it will give you more time on the ball.

Chance Creation: Possession is going to make players come towards you. It’s going to give you passing options. You need to use the L1 trigger to push players going forward because you need to have that balance. If you want to create space, you can push a player away from you. If you bring a player close, your opponent is going to come with that player and thus invite more pressure.

Players In Box: This would go on with 3. We don’t want to commit anyone when trying to close out the game against pressure.

Corners & Free Kicks:  Both we can set on 2.

Player Instructions

Strickers: Both have the same instructions - Stay Central, Come Back On Defense. If you are going to be using chance creation on balance, use False 9. If you have possession, then use Target Player. The reason why I like target player is they’re not going to be going inside the box and going for headers. How target players work is they just effectively stand still.

Center Mid: For the Center Mid, you can use Stay Back, Cover Center.

Left Mid & Right Mid: You can set Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back While Attacking, and Cover Center for both of them.

Left Back & Right Back: We can set them both on Stay Back and Overlap. I would not recommend any conservative interceptions. If you want it, you can use conservative interception on your Left Back and Right Back.

Goalkeeper: We’d rather go caution, crosses and balance because sometimes Goalkeepers don’t always win their header. And sometimes when they step out, they got a position that the header can come past you and you can concede. So that’s just something to mention and bear in mind. But that would be the ultra-defensive formation.


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