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Fallout 76: How To Kill Mothman?

Posted: Aug 02, 2021

Fallout 76 features a variety of mutated creatures and humans. During your Appalachian adventure, you will encounter rare enemies that are tougher than common opponents. Several of these encounters involved creatures called Cryptids, which were based on urban legends in real life. With the release of Steel Reign, you may wonder what rare enemies you missed in previous game updates.

One of the most popular legends in Appalachian folklore is Mothman, which is also a rare enemy in Fallout 76. Mothman is a human-sized moth with glowing red eyes that lives in the forests of West Virginia. These enemies are rarely encountered at night, because in the dark you can easily see their red eyes glowing.

Where to find the Mothman?

Mothman will appear randomly during the evening. Although it will not spawn in every possible location, it will eventually turn up a Mothman:

* Several Cult of the Mothman locations like the church in Kanawha County Cemetery, Blake’s Offering, outside Lucky Hole Mine, and on top of the Moth-Home northwest of Camp Venture.

* The guarded checkpoints of the Whitespring Resort

* Within the Enclave Research Facility (Scorched Mothman)

After the Path of Enlightenment event ends, a friendly Mothman will also spawn. Once you complete this event, a Wise Mothman with purple eyes will appear. By interacting with this Mothman, you will gain a 5% XP boost for the next hour.

Mothman types

* Stalking Mothman: It has glowing red eyes and observes you from a distance. If provoked, they will attack you.

* The Vengeful Mothman: It will appear in three colors and is always aggressive.

* The Glowing Mothman: It is irradiated

* Scorched Mothman: It has been infected by the Scorched Plague.

* Wise Mothman

How to kill Mothman?

Although there is no fixed way to defeat it, it is always wise to choose teamwork. Mothman uses powerful vocalizations to attack you from a distance. These sonic explosions will make you disoriented and staggered. Mothman will teleport regularly, usually somewhere behind you. So you need to be cautious at all times, once Mothman is defeated, it will fall to the ground and disintegrate into a pile of ashes. You need to ensure that there is some backpack space open so that any loot from Mothman can be stored in inventory at any time.

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