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Fallout 76: How To Increase Reputation As Quick As Possible?

Posted: Sep 01, 2021

When Wastelanders was released, two new factions were introduced, namely Settlers and Raiders. Raiders now reside in the old Crashed Space Station, which has been renamed, Crater. Settlers already live in the old Spruce Knob Workshop.

This new solution is called the Foundation. These new factions have their reputation, and you can increase them so that you will be able to buy more items from vendors. As for how to improve reputation, IGGM will answer.

Complete the Wastelanders DLC

During the battle, you have the opportunity to do quests for Settlers and Raiders. Completing some of these quests will increase the reputation of your faction. This is a good start and a necessary condition for unlocking future quests to increase reputation.


You can get two daily quests from Crater, Retirement Plan and The Importance of Communication. In the former, you need to hunt down a former raider and take care of them. In the latter, you need to collect the broken vacuum tubes and repair them to help Wren maintain the equipment at Crater.


Talk to Ward to get the Vital Equipment quest. This is exclusively available to Settlers. After talking to Ward, your task is to find the important equipment stolen from Settlers. It is in a Raider or Blood Eagle thief. Take out the thief, collect the equipment, and then return it to Ward to gain reputation.


There are two types of encounters:

* Faction Vs. Creature

You need to team up with factions to defeat enemies to gain reputation.

* Faction Vs. Faction

You need to stand on the side of your chosen faction to fight against the other faction.

But the downside of the quest is that you can't get too much reputation from it, but it's better than nothing.

This is about how to increase your reputation. After you successfully increase your reputation, you will be able to use Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to purchase more items you need, so having enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps by then will be an important guarantee for a good gaming experience. 


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