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Fallout 76: Follow The Process To Obtain A Substantial Amount Of Fusion Cores

Posted: Apr 26, 2024

This time, let’s delve into how to get an endless supply of fusion cores in Fallout 76. In order to obtain fusion cores, you need to set up workshops at the following 3 locations: Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, Thunder Mountain Power Plant and the Monongah Power Plant.

With this guide, you can yield about 24 fusion cores every hour. You may be wondering how we can obtain such an abundance of fusion cores. So I will uncover the truth behind this mystery.

Fallout 76: Follow The Process To Obtain A Substantial Amount Of Fusion Cores

Fusion Core Processors

When you arrive at these locations, you'll notice an event called Powering Up has begun. However, we're not going to do this. Pay attention to the fusion core processors you'll find in these locations. These processors yield 24 fusion cores per hour, but here's the catch: they're active in all 3 locations simultaneously.

In other words, you can expect to get about 3 fusion cores every 20 minutes from each location. However, having the Contractor perk can significantly enhance your efficiency. This perk reduces the materials required for crafting workshop items by 50%, which is incredibly beneficial.

So, if you have this perk, make sure to equip it. Now, let's craft the generators and other necessary items. Keep in mind that this process will cost you some caps. Once you've claimed the workshop, it'll take about 20 to 30 seconds for the claim to be confirmed.

Then you have the workshop at Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 is now under your control. Of course, don’t forget to keep some Fallout 76 Bottle Caps with you to get what you need.

Build Generators

These fusion core processors require 100 power to operate. So, let's switch to building generators. However, the basic generators only produce 12 power. If you don't already have the plan for them, you'll need to find it. Once you've obtained it, place the generator down and wire it up.

You might need to adjust its placement to ensure it functions properly. Once connected, the generator will start producing fusion cores. You can expect around 3 fusion cores every 20 minutes, or one fusion core every 7 and a half minutes. Make sure to repeat this process for all 3 locations. Keep in mind to return regularly to protect your setup, as others may attempt to damage it.

Fallout 76 Fusion Cores

Bob The Builder

Now, we're going to the Monongah Power Plant. Switch into Bob the Builder mode and get to work. Our final destination is the Thunder Mountain Power Plant. First, we'll need to clear out the baddies, then we can start building. Find the fusion core processor and let's spend another 25 caps and get it going.

Once everything's set up, we'll start a timer and we'll see how many fusion cores we can gather using this method. Just hop between these 3 locations, and you'll rack up fusion cores in no time. And one more tip that keeps an eye out for fusion cores in the wild while you're playing naturally. It's a great way to stock up while you're waiting for the extractors to do their thing.

While return to the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, the player obtains 3 more fusion cores, bringing the total to 21. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when 3 Scorchbeasts suddenly appear, forcing the player to defend the Poseidon Energy Plant.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks, including multiple attempts to defeat the Scorchbeasts, the player perseveres. Eventually, the event is completed, and the player repairs the power plant and the player resolves to continue their efforts. We ended off with 3 more and that puts us, in about an hour, we can get about 24 fusion cores.


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