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Fallout 76: A Brief Explanation Of The New Spring Cleaning Event - Challenges & Rewards

Posted: May 07, 2024

Welcome to this new guide! The upcoming event in Fallout 76 - the new Spring Cleaning challenge event is set to run from May 7th to May 21st, it’s a limited-time event, which offering exclusive rewards. To participate, you simply need to complete specific challenges and unlock various rewards along the way. Without wasting time, let’s dive in!

Fallout 76: A Brief Explanation Of The New Spring Cleaning Event - Challenges & Rewards

Spring Cleaning Event Explained

The Spring Cleaning event this time consists of cleaning up junk or creatures in Appalachia, or is going to get you the challenges completed. As of the Atomic Shop update on May 7th, we can be getting the new Abraxo Pip-boy skin without using Fallout 76 Bottle Caps. Players can then pick this up, equip it on their character, and then complete these sets of challenges to then unlock the new rewards.

And before I show off the rewards and all the challenges, please bear in mind that these are in no particular order. Bethesda has changed it to what was datamined and sometimes just swapped the week round. So, the Week 1 reward might end up being the Week 2 or it might end up being the overall reward.

Week 1

Challenges: During Week 1, running from May 7th to May 14th, players can expect a set of challenges including collecting an Abraxo Cleaner with the Abraxo Pip-boy skin equipped, obtaining a broom, soap, scrapping junk to create Acid and Fertilizer, as well as defeating an Alien and a lesser Devil with the Cremator.

Typically, unlocking the main reward requires completing approximately 5 out of the 7 challenges. Therefore, players don't need to participate daily. If they have time, they can join, complete the challenge, and receive rewards.

Rewards: The rewards by completing these Week 1 challenges are 1 Scout Banner, 3 Lunchboxes, 3 Legendary Modules, 250 Score Points, Nuka Cola Mix Pack (1x Dark, 1x Grape, 1x Orange, 1x Wild, 1x Cherry, 1x Cranberry), 3 Perk Packs, and 3 Repair Kits. If you don't have these yet, you might want to take up the challenge.

Once you've successfully conquered all the challenges designated for Week 1, you will be rewarded with the acquisition of the Mobile Sanitation Backpack, an item highly sought after and eagerly anticipated by a multitude of players within the Fallout 76.

Week 2

Challenges: Moving on to the Week 2 and we are again faced with 7 different challenges: collect a Plunger, collect Toilet Paper, scrap junk to create Ceramic, scrap junk to create Plastic, kill an Overgrown, kill a Snallygaster. Then you should also scrap a Catch the Commie board game with the Abraxo Pit-boy skin. You should definitely go and find the board game, get them in your stash boxes, and then you’ll be all sorted ready for the event.

Rewards: The rewards by completing these Week 2 challenges are just like the Week 1 which contain the Scout Banner, Lunchboxes, Legendary Modules and other items. However, it might differ. This might be Week 1or be Week 2. We’ll have to wait and see for when it actually gets released.

After successfully completing all challenges assigned in Week 2, you will be appropriately rewarded - the R.I.P. Daring Bin.


If you complete both weeks, the reward is meant to be the Abraxo Cleaner skin for the washer and dryer set. This is actually a decent-looking skin that many players are looking forward to get and picking it up, so I definitely recommend you to jump on and get this sorted. That is all the information you need and about this upcoming event starting on May 7th and lasting until the 21st of May.


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