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Fallout 76: 5 Must-Have Items For Building The Perfect Camp

Posted: Apr 28, 2024

Nowadays, many new players have joined the Fallout 76, and it seems like quite a few of them have started experimenting with the camp building system. There are certain camp items that aid in building your camp, and others that enhance it in various ways. So today I’ll show you 5 camp items and how you can obtain them.

Fallout 76: 5 Must-Have Items For Building The Perfect Camp

1. Flamethrower Trap

The Flamethrower Trap is the first and most crucial camp item for those looking to elevate their camp-building experience. Whether you want to conceal one item within another or start a rooftop creation, the Flamethrower Trap is your go-to tool.

To obtain this essential camp item, you'll need to delve into various stories and questlines. Begin your journey by visiting the Charleston Fire Department and locating the overseer's cache, initiating the quest 'Into the Fire'.

Upon completing this initial quest, you'll unlock the opportunity to embark on another quest titled 'The Missing Link', leading you to a location known as Top of the World. There, you'll interact with a Raider robot named Rose, kicking off a new series of questlines centered on the Raiders faction.

Be prepared to complete every Free States and Raider questline, with a pivotal moment occurring at Abbie's Bunker during the quest 'Coming to Fruition'. Once you've achieved this quest, you'll finally obtain your Flamethrower Trap. Though the journey may be arduous, the reward is well worth the effort, allowing you to unleash your creativity and enhance your camp-building endeavors.

2. Chessboard

Let's delve into the Chessboard next. While this item is completely free, acquiring it will require a bit of effort. You can obtain it through the seasons or scoreboard, typically unlocking it around Level 30. Despite its name, the Chessboard is more than just a chessboard, it's a versatile display item.

With this item, you can showcase items in your camp, adding a unique touch to your decor. For instance, if you're keen on setting up a table adorned with dinner plates, knives, and forks, the Chessboard makes it possible. It enhances the immersion of your camp as you adorn it with various items and create personalized displays.

Fallout 76 Chessboard

3. Catwalk

The next item I want to discuss is the catwalks. While they do require some Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, there's an alternative option. You can work your way up through the scoreboard or season to earn them. However, they're relatively inexpensive, so you can choose to get them outright or put in some effort to obtain them.

The Catwalk offers versatility and convenience, making camp building significantly easier in specific scenarios. It can also enable you to freely place walls anywhere you desire. With a simple blueprint, you can lay down walls in minutes, eliminating the need for a Foundation. They're handy for double-walling in tight spaces. While Foundations are typically used for this purpose, Catwalks offer an alternative solution, especially in constrained building zones.

4. Utility Box Fusion Generator

The next item you need to get is the Utility Box Fusion Generator and this one’s another Atomic shop item. Like the Catwork, you can get these items the way you want. This item is better than any other generator for one simple reason - rather than having to attach a wire to everything from the generator, this produces power within a range. Once you’ve placed this down, any item that is within its radius that requires power. This is actually a very handy item. It will tidy up the wiring of your campsite and work great on its own.

5. Pressure Plate

Now, let's discuss our last item - the Pressure Pate. This item is crucial if you want to execute the merge glitch. The merge glitch allows you to combine items together, resulting in unique creations. By merging a chessboard into a table using the pressure plate, you can achieve a seamless look at where the items appear to be resting on the table surface.

The Pressure Plate is entirely free, you can obtain it from various vendors, including the Free States vendor at the Whitespring Resort, Graham super mutant, the MODUS production terminal in the Whitespring Bunker, the shopping mall vendor at the Whitespring Resort, vendor bot Wallace at Berkeley Springs Station, and the Watoga vendor bot in Watoga. When searching for the plan, remember that it's categorized under Advanced Power Connectors.


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