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ESO Guide: How To Join A Guild? 

Posted: Aug 05, 2021

Guild is the core content of most MMO games, and ESO is no exception. Whether you want to join an NPC guild or another players guild, you will get countless activities that will make you start with adventure. This article will detail how to join the guild.

What are guilds in ESO?

Guilds are groups operated by NPCs or players. There are 3 set NPC guilds in the base game, all players can join. These provide special daily quests and new procession trees.

Player guilds are established and run by players. They do not provide daily quests or skill trees. However, there are some merchants in the game, and the guild can use these merchants to sell items to other players to earn ESO Gold. Player guilds are also useful for adventuring in search of consistent groups of players.

How to join NPC guilds?

The way to join Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, and Undaunted is the same, they all involve your Faction’s starting city.

* For Ebonheart Pact, this is Davon’s Watch, found in Stonefalls.

* Aldmeri Dominion players need to go to Vulkhell Guard in Auridon.

* If you are part of Daggerfall Covenant, you should head to Daggerfall in Glenumbra.

Once you reach the appropriate location, open your map and find the Guild you want to join. They are all marked on the key, if you want to find them, use the key. When you enter the guild, look for someone with a quest. This will start the guild’s questline and guide you to the initiation.

How to join player guilds?

Player guilds are built up by real players, so if you want to find other players to play together, it’s wise to join a player guild. There are guilds that specialize in all the activities you can think of, including running dungeons, adventures, roleplaying, and so on.

To join a player guild, you need to go to Guilder Finder. It is located in the Guilds menu and press "G" to open it on the PC. If you use a console, you can find it in the control menu.

In Guild Finder, you can view all guilds that have open spaces. You can read their descriptions and rules carefully and choose the guild that suits you best. Once you have made a decision, you can request to join, and the Guildmaster will review your request and decide whether to accept it.

Because many quests in ESO are very challenging, team combat is often a better choice, because in any case, you will have the support of your teammates, so joining a reliable player guild can help you complete the task more easily. But playing the team means that the boss you are about to meet is more challenging, so good gear and weapons will be vital, and having sufficient ESO Gold at this time will give you a huge advantage. If you just want to immerse yourself in the game itself, and don't want to spend time farming ESO Gold, then you can come directly to IGGM to buy ESO Gold. IGGM is a professional gaming service website with several years of experience, so it is trustworthy. And 24/7 live chat is available, so whenever you come to IGGM, you can always contact our staff.


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