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ESO: Here Are The Best Crafted Sets

Posted: Aug 10, 2021

With each new update and expansion of ESO, you can get some additional armor sets. A large part of these experiment sets can be crafted in unique forge locations.

Best PVE Magicka Crafted Set - Law of Julianos

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Spell Critical

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Magicka

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Spell Critical

5-Piece Effect: +Extra Spell Damage

Crafting Table Location: Boreal Forge, Wrothgar

Required Traits: 6

This set is a very good choice for all players, if you want a very powerful Magicka DPS set, then you can consider it.

Best PVP Magicka Crafted Set - Heartland Conqueror

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Weapon And Spell Damage

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Magicka

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Stamina

5-Piece Effect: Increases Your Weapon's Trait Ability By 100 Percent, This Doesn't Include The Ornate Or Intricate Traits

Crafting Table Location: Sariellen's Sword

Required Traits: 7

It provides unique rewards to the wearer. When you wear this set, you will gain extra stamina, Magicka and damage. Your weapon characteristics will also get 100% buff. If your weapon has a trait that helps you in battle, you will get a 100% buff.

Best PVE Stamina Crafted Set - Hunding’s Rage

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Weapon Critical

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Stamina

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Weapon Critical

5-Piece Effect: +Extra Weapon Damage

Crafting Table Location: Broken Arch

Required Traits: 6

This set is a very useful set for Stamina DPS builds, additional weapon damage and critical will help increase your overall DPS while completing ability rotation.

Best PVP Stamina Crafted Set - Clever Alchemist

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Health

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Health

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Weapon & Spell Damage

5-Piece Effect: Increases Weapon & Spell Damage Significantly For 20 Seconds When You Drink A Potion

Crafting Table Location: No Shira Workshop, Hew's Bane

Required Traits: 7

The most obvious effect is that you get the extra weapon and spell damage after drinking the potion. This is very useful in PVP, because you will often drink potions to enhance your weapon damage.

Best PVE Tank Crafted Set - Fortified Brass

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Health

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Armor

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Armor

5-Piece Effect: +Extra Armor

Crafting Table Location: +Restricted Brassworks, Clockwork City

Required Traits: 4

Best PVP Tank Crafted Set - Torug’s Pact

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Armor

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Health

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Armor

5-Piece Effect: Shorter Weapon Enchantment Cooldown, Increases Non-Oblivion Enchantment Damage By 45 Percent

Crafting Table Location: Fisherman's Isle

Required Traits: 3

The most notable bonuses are the extra health and armor buffs. In addition to these effects, you will get additional weapon enchantment damage when wearing 5 pieces, which is very helpful when attacking enemies.

Best PVE Healer Crafted Set - Armor of the Seducer

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Magicka Recovery

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Magicka

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Magicka Recovery

5-Piece Effect: Magicka Requirement For Abilities Is Reduced By 10 Percent

Crafting Table Location: Berezan's Mine

Required Traits: 3

With this set, you can recover Magicka faster, and you can even cast abilities for 10% less Magicka.

Best PVP Healer Crafted Set - Kagrenac’s Hope

2-Piece Effect: +Extra Magicka

3-Piece Effect: +Extra Magicka Recovery

4-Piece Effect: +Extra Health

5-Piece Effect: +Spell Damage, 25 Percent Faster Ally Resurrection, Restores Magicka Upon Ally Resurrection

Crafting Table Location: The Earth Forge

Required Traits: 8

This set is very friendly to new ESO players. You can save your teammates with some abilities, which will make you an important person in the team.

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