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ESO: PTS Patch 7.1.3 Fixes Waking Flames Dungeons

Posted: Aug 04, 2021

If you are looking at ESO’s PTS, then IGGM can provide some patch notes that may fix some annoying issues with the Waking Flame dungeons.

Waking Flame is ESO’s next DLC. It will contain two dungeons as usual. We have updated the information about Dread Cellar dungeons before. You can click here to view it.

The fixes to the Waking Flame dungeons run the gamut from bosses, sound effects, etc. For example, some patch notes from Red Petal Bastion include:

* Updated sound effects for aspects of Goriseli Moraburo

* Weylin no longer nonchalantly chucks a relic at Lyranth

* Lyranth now allows you to bask in the glory of your achievement before speaking after finishing the quest-A Rose of Many Thorns

* Lyranth now waits a moment for the tension to fade before speaking up after defeating Rogerain

* Blocking in the first-person mode while under the effects of the Crystal Animus Anya now forces you into third-person mode

* Weylin is slight less rushed when discovering a room full of relics

In addition, other patches explain design battles, gameplay, items, base games, etc. PTS has also brought some improvements to compelling companions:

* Fixed an issue where Companions would fire invisible arrows

* Bastian and Mirri will not react when you level up or gain Champion Points

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