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Elden Ring: How To Get The Most Out Of Death Blight In PvP

Posted: Feb 08, 2023

One Elden Ring PVP player discovered a very crafty way to use Death Blight on unsuspecting enemies while playing the game. Like most "SoulsBorne" games, Elden Ring has a very competitive PVP scene. And in this scenario, this tactic determines whether you can defeat the enemy.

A year after the release of the game, players are still constantly looking for new ways to discover the joy this game brings to them. The game is always developing, whether it's discovering the trick to finding Elden Ring's illusory wall, or defeating all the bosses with Carian Slicer, as evidenced by this. FromSoftware's game combines legendary intense combat with a wealth of lore within it. The life cycle of games like "SoulsBorne" series has always been very long. Both the story background of Elden Ring and the various battles in it are very complicated. Under the first experience of Elden Ring, it is still a world with rich layers. In this world, you can use Elden Ring Runes to get some of the equipment you need to enhance your strength and defeat the various enemies you are about to face. I believe you will be able to quickly find powerful PVP strategies in this world, but in fact, there are more methods hidden in the depths of the game.

Elden Ring Death Blight

Reddit user and Elden Ring player Neukbare-Nina posted a post showing a new strategy. Before summoning the invaders and luring them up the stairs, players in Ranni's Rise can summon a friend to hide behind some crystals using the "spread out" emote. Then, to negate 40% of the invaders' physical damage, Neukbare-Nina needs to drink the Ironjar Aromatic at the doorway at the top of the stairs. Afterwards, throw Fia's Mist down the stairs again, while Neukbare-Nina's friend comes out from behind and continues doing the same thing. When an invader is trapped in such a confined space, give Death Sorcery a chance to kill the intruder instantly. And what happens next will probably remind you of the earlier Malenia fiasco. Logically speaking, as a powerful spell, Fia's Mist is powerful. But with Death Blight stacking up, and the expansive surroundings of Elden Ring providing a great opportunity for you to move around, then you can avoid taking damage from Fia's Mist.

Among PVP players, this trolling gameplay is very popular. You can use environmental hazards to lure intruders in Elden Ring, or you can disguise yourself as an NPC. Under Neukbare-Nina's post titled "How to ruin people's days with Death Blight", a commenter pointed out that Elden Ring had various bugs before and after its release, and how these bugs were misused by those players in the powerful tactics of PvP.

One player commented that although building Death Blight meter on the opponent was difficult, he enjoyed using the "Death Build". It's possible that Neukbare-Nina's demon video gave them some inspiration. The one-year anniversary is approaching, and FromSoftware is hosting an Elden Ring anniversary event to celebrate it. The event includes some content for PvP, so maybe you'll find more ways to use your favorite builds and tactics here.


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