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Lost Ark: What You Need To Know About First Anniversary Celebration?

Posted: Feb 08, 2023

February 8 should be a special day for Western players. Because this day marks the one-year anniversary of Lost Ark's launch in the west. To celebrate the arrival of this day, Lost Ark officially launched the "First Anniversary Celebration".

The update downtime for the event will begin on February 8th at 12AM PDT (8AM UTC) and is expected to last for 4 hours. The following are the specific updates that this event will bring.

Rowen - A New Continent

In this first anniversary celebration, you will meet new characters. In addition to this, you can choose your faction on a whole new continent. This continent is called Rowen.

Rowen is on the west of Shushire. In this new land, there are two very tense and competing factions: the Preigelli and the Liebertane. And they're fighting over the crimson jewels called Sylmael, which are the most precious resource on Rowen.

If you want to unlock Rowen's world quest, your item level must first be 1445 and you can use Lost Ark Gold to help you level up your item level quickly. After you've completed the Cataclysmic Eliyabeck world quest, you'll be able to choose a faction for open-world PvP.

Faction ranks are divided into 15 tiers in total. Of these, the first nine faction ranks will be unlocked in this February update, while the rest will be unlocked with Tulubik Battlefield in March.

So, how should the faction level be raised? You can accumulate more Faction XP by killing members of the opposing faction and by participating in daily, weekly, and co-op quests.

Lost Ark First Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Events

In order to thank all players for their company over the past year, Lost Ark officially arranged a special event during this anniversary event. During this event, every corner of Arkesia will be covered with birthday cards.

The campaign contains a total of three types of cards:

  • 'Happy' Card - Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons

  • 'Birthday' Card - Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids

  • 'Lost Ark' Card - New Hot Spring Event

All you have to do is collect as many of these as you can and go to the Exchange Merchant Bursery to redeem your anniversary gift. These gifts contain various weekly and roster-level rewards such as skins, honing materials, card packs, and more.

If you feel that too many of your collections are duplicates, you can also exchange those duplicates for other types at the vendor.

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Hot Spring Event

The Hot Spring Event is actually a daily event. You can get the "Lost Ark" Card by participating in this event. The opening time of the Hot Spring Event is actually every day's even hours, such as 12PM, 2PM, etc.

So, how to participate in the event? You just need to find the Hot Spring Manager NPC in your city and interact with it. He will further guide you through the "[Event] The Hot Springs Thank You Event Begins" quest to participate in this event.

To put it bluntly, the Hot Spring Event is a small game of competing for rubber duckies in a hot spring. All players will be divided into two teams. Everyone will have a ducky hammers in their hands. All you have to do is use ducky hammers to break the opponent's duck toy shield or even duck basket to get more points.

What Are Log-in Rewards?

To celebrate the anniversary, Lost Ark will also be offering two login reward tracks. You'll have a chance to win valuable rewards like Epic - Legendary Card Packs, the Mirror Ball Bubble Mount, and more.

In addition, from February 8th to 21st, you can also participate in a special event called the Fever-Time Event. You will have the opportunity to receive 6 different rewards during this event, such as special food items, Pheons, card packs, etc.

If you log in before March 10, 2023, you'll also get the "Yearling" anniversary title!


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