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EA FC 24: Best Trading Tips To Earn Massive Coins Fast

Posted: Oct 12, 2023

Posted: Oct 12, 2023

Source:  IGGM

EA FC 24 brings a ton of new features and some noteworthy improvements. These include female players, Evolutions, Play Styles and more. Meanwhile, players can still enjoy their favorite game modes such as Ultimate Team and Career.

Among them, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of EA Sports FC 24 Coins in Ultimate Team progression. To purchase a pack containing the best players in the game, you will need a large amount of EA FC 24 coins.

Ultimate Team players in EA FC 24 are all looking to earn as much gold as possible to unlock their favorite players and build a strong team. And Trading is the best way to earn coins quickly in Ultimate Team. Here are some tips to help you become an efficient trader in EA FC 24 and maximize your profits.

EA FC 24: Trading Method Tips To Get Coins Fast

Don’t Forget Tax

Veteran players know that every sale in EA FC 24 is subject to a 5% tax. This means that for every item you list on the transfer market, the game charges a small tax of FC 24 Coins.

With this in mind, you need to consider taxes whenever you sell players, club items or consumables. Because the profits may be slightly lower than what initially appeared.

Mass Bidding Substitution Buy Now

The market can be a little confusing in the early days of an Ultimate Team campaign, and EA FC 24 is no exception. Fortunately, this also opens the door for players to make money quickly by buying and selling cards, helping them build their own dream squads.

When buying players from EA FC 24 Transfer Market, fans can choose to bid or use “Buy Now” option. While buying now can save a lot of time and effort, making an offer at the right time is the secret to getting a good deal.

EA FC 24: Super Easy Mass Bidding Can Help You Save A Lot Of Coins

If a valuable player reaches the last minute of their listing and the bid is still well below its usual value, make your own bid. Then you can easily find yourself getting a highly rated card for a fraction of the price.

You can then sell on the card at the usual cost to earn quick FUT 24 coins. Of course, there’s always a chance you’ll be outbid, so this method requires a little patience, but it’s well worth it.

Bronze Pack Method

Bronze Pack Method is the main trading method for FIFA and it is also useful in EA FC 24. This trading method works by purchasing Bronze Packs worth 750 coins each from the store and using their contents to make a small but easy profit.

Most players will immediately sell the items inside on the market for 200 coins. But anything important to SBC is likely to cost well over 1,000 FIFA FUT 24 coins. There are also plenty of gear and club items that may have a higher market value.

So there’s a good chance you’ll get most of the rewards from each Bronze Pack, with a lot of profit potential. This makes Bronze Pack a low-risk but potentially high-reward trading method.

EA FC 24: How To Do The Bronze Pack Method?

Keep An Eye On SBCs

EA FC 24 market is always changing, and SBC has a significant impact on prices for players. If there are challenges that require cards from a certain club or country to unlock valuable packs, you’ll see the cost skyrocket for these players.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest SBC and invest in the types of players other fans want. We can even predict some of them in advance, like Marquee Matchups. These are the most important games based on the upcoming game week.

If you can’t predict the next batch of EA FC 24 SBCs, check out the in-game page at 6pm UK time and be quick to buy the big players before the market reacts. Once the price increases, you can sell these cards to earn lucrative FIFA 24 FUT Coins.

FC 24: How to Apply Chemistry Styles?

Check Your Consumables

Selling cards isn’t the only valuable trade in EA FC 24. We can also sell consumable items like Chemistry Styles for a quick gold profit. Especially those consumables that enhance key stats like shooting and speed. If you’re happy with your team and Chemistry Styles you’re equipped with, don’t be afraid to list any spare parts.

These are our EA FC 24 trading tips to help you earn coins quickly and build your own dream squads in Ultimate Team.


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