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EA FC 24: 5 Tips To Master The Controlled Sprint

Posted: Oct 11, 2023

Posted: Oct 11, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Dive into the exhilarating world of EA FC 24, where every dribble, every sprint, and every tactical decision propels you into unparalleled realms of footballing mastery.

The Controlled Sprint technique isn't just a feature. It's your key to unlocking a universe where every player under your command moves with a precision, agility, and finesse that was once beyond reach. Of course, if you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, you'd better upgrade the attributes of your players so that you will become more powerful!

Imagine navigating through the midfield with the ball seemingly glued to your feet, evading tackles with ease and creating moments of magic that leave your opponents in awe.

Here are five tips to help you master the Controlled Sprint in no time.EA FC 24: 5 Tips To Master The Controlled Sprint

1. Midfield Mastery 

Midfield Mastery, weaving through the heart of the game.

The midfield is often referred to as the engine room of a football team where battles are won and lost, dictating the rhythm and flow of the match.

The Controlled Sprint technique allows players to navigate through this congested area with finesse and precision by taking more touches at a slightly moderated pace.

Midfielders can retain possession effectively, even when surrounded by a swarm of opponents. This technique enables players to carve out spaces, create passing lanes, and orchestrate attacks from the depth of the midfield, ensuring a seamless transition from defense to attack. 

2. Counter-Attack Control 

Counter-attack Control, harnessing the power of precision and timing. 

In the fast-paced realm of counterattacking football, the Controlled Sprint technique becomes an invaluable asset in managing the ebb and flow of rapid transitions.

Utilizing this feature allows players to momentarily slow down the play, providing time for teammates to join the attack and establish numerical superiority.

Moreover, it enables attackers to make calculated decisions, whether to wait for support or exploit spaces behind the defense, thereby maintaining a balance between urgency and control during counterattacks.

FC 24 Controlled Sprint

3. Change Of Pace 

Change of Pace, the unpredictable element of surprise.

The ability to suddenly alter the speed of play is a potent weapon in destabilizing defensive setups.

Integrating the Controlled Sprint technique with sudden bursts of speed can catch Defenders off guard, creating moments of vulnerability within their ranks.

This change of pace not only enhances the unpredictability of attacking movements, but also forces Defenders into making snap decisions, which could potentially lead to errors, misjudgments, and ultimately goal scoring opportunities.

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4. Drawing Defenders 

Drawing Defenders, the subtle art of creating spaces. 

Manipulating the opposition's defensive structure is a nuanced skill that can be amplified with the Controlled Sprint technique.

By utilizing Controlled Sprints, players can attract Defenders towards them, thereby distorting their defensive shape and creating exploitable spaces for teammates.

This tactic is particularly effective in scenarios where tight defensive lines need to be breached, as drawing Defenders out of position can pave the way for incisive passes, runs, and opportunities to pierce through the defensive veil.

5. Controlling Tempo 

Controlling Tempo, dictating the pulse of the match.

In the chessboard of football, controlling the tempo can be the key to imposing one's gameplay on the opposition. The Controlled Sprint technique offers players the ability to modulate the speed of play, enabling them to dictate whether to inject urgency into the attack or slow down to establish control and buildup play methodically.

This control over the tempo allows players to manage game scenarios effectively, whether it's preserving a lead by slowing down the play or injecting pace to chase a much needed goal.

The Controlled Sprint technique in EA FC 24 is not merely a tool for enhanced ball control, but a strategic element that, when mastered, can unlock a plethora of tactical options on the virtual pitch.

From meticulously navigating through the midfield to orchestrating well-timed counterattacks, from injecting unpredictability with a change of pace to subtly creating spaces by drawing Defenders, and from imposing one's rhythm to controlling the match's pulse, this feature enriches the strategic depth of the game, offering players a new dimension to explore, master, and exhibit their virtual footballing prowess.


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