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EA FC 24: How To Use The 4-4-1-1 Formation To Get More Wins? - Custom Tactics & Instructions

Posted: Oct 08, 2023

It’s the start of the second half. Score line deadlocked. The arena pulsates with anticipation, and suddenly the ball nestles into the back of the net.

By changing to the 4-4-1-1 formation, you have the upper hand on your opponent. It offers a strong defense, Midfield dominance, two Central Attackers and solid Wing play to lead you to EA FC 24 glory.

If you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, please buy some good players and improve their attributes. Combined with this formation, you will get more surprises!

EA FC 24: How To Use The 4-4-1-1 Formation To Get More Wins? - Custom Tactics & Instructions

About 4-4-1-1 Formation

A 4-4-1-1 setup essentially involves four Defenders, four Midfielders, a Center Forward and a Striker. The Midfield typically comprises two Central Midfielders and two Wingers, a Left Midfielder and Right Midfielder.

With a defending style set to Balanced, a Width of 45 and Depth of 55, the formation will exhibit a somewhat compact and centered defensive structure. A compact width will guide the opposition towards wide areas where your Fullback should engage in duel while central areas remain robust and difficult to penetrate.

With all defensive men holding Balanced instructions, it’s crucial to ensure that the Back Full is composed of players who exhibit a balance of pace, physicality, and technical ability.

A Sweeper Keeper is crucial in this setup to mitigate the threat posed by through balls due to the moderately high defensive line, Depth set at 55.

FC 24 4411 Formation

4-4-1-1 Custom Tactics

Center Backs. Selecting CBs with good play styles is important. This year, I prefer that they have Block and Jockey as their play styles. But your mileage may vary. Try to find something that fits your play style Fullbacks given that the width is not overly compact.

Fullbacks must be capable of handling one-on-one situations and be proficient in supporting the Wingers in attacking phases. This requires you to carefully select the right players and use a large amount of FUT 24 Coins to promote them in advance. A key focus for the team in the middle is the two Central Midfielders and how they interact with the defensive line. Your two CMs are key pieces as you will control them most of the time when defending in order to leave your defensive line intact.

CM1. As the one instructed to stay back and cover the center, this player becomes pivotal in breaking up the opponent’s attacks, offering coverage for the defensive line and initiating the buildup play.

CM2. With instructions to cover the center and utilize aggressive interceptions, this player acts as the more dynamic ball-winning Midfielder, disrupting opposition play and quickly transitioning the ball to attacking outlets.

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For the offensive side of the 4-4-1-1, adopting a Balanced buildup strategy, Direct Passing to create chances going forward, Width set to 55 and six players in the Box allows for an intriguing mix of both wide and Central play with ample options during crosses and box plays.

Strike (ST). With the Get In Behind instruction, the Striker serves as a direct threat, constantly probing opposition defenses and looking to exploit any spaces left behind.

Center Forward (CF). Similarly instructed to Get In Behind, the CF operates in a more withdrawn role than the ST, but is equally critical in providing a linking option between midfield and attack.

Now, let’s take a look at the wing play of the formation.

Left Midfielder (LM). Maintaining balanced instructions ensures that the LM provides width, aids in retaining possession, and contributes defensively.

Right Midfielder (RM). The Cut Inside and Get In Behind instructions transform the RM into a dynamic diagonal threat, disrupting traditional defensive shapes and creating overloads in central areas.

While the CF and ST constantly look to pierce through defensive lines, the RM’s inward movements provide additional options for central combinations and also allow for overlapping runs from the right back.

This is where investing in a highly skilled and pacy RM could prove beneficial, providing the ability to unsettle opposition defenses with their inward runs and precision in the final third.

Key Positions In 4-4-1-1 Formation

Within the 4-4-1-1 formation, particular emphasis must be placed on a few key positions.

Center Forward is the primary link between midfield and attack.

Investment in a CF with a rich blend of creative and goal scoring attributes can exponentially enhance offensive output.

Right Midfielder. Given the special instructions and pivotal role in both wide and central areas, securing a top tier RM is critical.

Ball-winning Midfielder. To execute the aggressive interception strategy and continually disrupt opposition, play a Midfielder with stellar defensive attributes and work rate is required. High defensive work rate and high offensive work rate are encouraged here.


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