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Dark And Darker: How To Kill Lich King? - All Abilities & Attacks Guide

Posted: Aug 31, 2023

Lich is one boss you can currently encounter in Dark and Darker. If you reach this Inferno stage via Red Portal, Lich or Ghost King will spawn in the center of the map. The bosses you encounter are completely random, so get ready to fight any of them. If you can’t handle them, be ready to run away and try again.

But don’t worry, I will share with you a detailed guide about this Lich King. Hope this helps some dungeon crawlers get ready for the next test.


Our group found it much easier to fight Lich King than Ghost King. But his attack pattern seems to be quite RNG, so definitely don’t let your guard down.

Dark and Darker: The Lich Complete Guide Walkthrough

Class Selection

We chose Barbarian, Ranger, and Cleric, but we can do this in any class. I’ve even seen Lich King defeated with just two people and no Cleric. So it’s always helpful to have a Cleric for extra healing, but it’s definitely not required.

You don’t need anything too baffling unless you’re trying High Roller bosses. In High Roller lobbies, we will hit harder the boss and have more health. But their mechanics are the same, and Dark and Darker Gold and unique gear have a higher drop rate.

Potion Of Protection

Also, I recommend sending Potion of Protection a lot throughout the fight. Although Lich King’s attacks are all magic damage, Potion can only block physical damage. But this Lich King has 6 Skeleton Guards, and they all deal with physical damage. So in this fight, Potion of Protection is actually useful.

Potions of different levels can be stacked. It will only refresh the effect if you use two of the same potions. But the two different levels of Healing Potion will stack to heal you faster. This also applies to Potion of Protection.


If you have Cleric or Wizard, bring campfires to replenish your spells before combat. You can also get Skeleton Skin from the shop, which grants an additional 10 magic resistance. This is very helpful for boss fights.

Dark and Darker: Killing the Lich Boss Complete Guide

Pavise Start

Since Lich King mostly stands in one position in the center of the room. We had Cleric throw Fire Bottles and Gas Lanterns at him to squeeze out some extra DPS. But this may make it harder for melee classes to hit the boss, so use with caution.

Having a Ranger or Fighter with a shield is very helpful. Before we start the fight, you can let them alone into the room and quickly install Pavise on the floor. Note that you’ll want to place the shield facing the side of the boss, then exit the room to reset.

Then remove any hot bar items you won’t be using and pop up your Potion of Protection. Next, have your Cleric cast a buff or two before your team gets in.

Archers & Skeletons

Lich King has three Archers and Shield Skeletons at its side. They are a little stronger than normal Skeletons. If you can react quickly, I recommend taking out at least three Archers. Lich King will resurrect these Skeletons during the battle. But if you can kill them quickly, they have a longer cooldown, which is usually worth it.

The three Archers and Shield Skeletons pose no threat. They are usually just cover for Lich King’s attack.

If you didn’t install Pavise beforehand, you’ll probably want to keep some of these Skeletons on hand to hold back Lich King’s Orb attack. Orb attack targets a player and will slowly follow them until colliding with something. It does a lot of damage if it hits, so run away immediately and make sure you don’t drag it onto your teammates.

Dark and Darker: The Lich All Abilities and Attacks Guide

Bolt Attack

Lich King constantly fires Magic Bolts at players who take a hard hit, but you can easily dodge this by circling around the boss or strafing left and right. It’s important to keep moving during this battle to avoid these Bolts, but also Archers and other Skeletons.

It is wise to stick together as a group and move clockwise or counterclockwise around the boss. The more important reason is that the boss will cast a curse, marking the player with a purple or blue circle on the ground.

Circle Mark

The purple circle requires the team to all stack together to spread the damage from everyone inside. This means everyone inside will take less damage from attacks. Because it will distribute these injuries to everyone in the circle. Stacking close to bosses can be very dangerous. But if you manage to stack purple on all Skeletons and Lich, then the attack will hardly do any damage.

The blue circle does the opposite. The number of players or Skeletons inside the circle multiplies damage. So when the player is targeted by the blue circle, they need to run in the opposite direction and away from any Skeletons.

Also, if you have the time and the circle allows, there’s a Resurrection Shrine just west of the boss’ room that will revive fallen comrades. That’s about it. I hope these tips and tricks are helpful to you!


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