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Dark And Darker: Full Tank Cleric Build Guide - Is Divine Protection Worth Trying?

Posted: Sep 20, 2023

Welcome to the world of Dark and Darker, where dangerous dungeons, powerful enemies, and epic adventures await you. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of a full-tank Cleric build. This is a favorable option for those looking to bolster their defense and emerge victorious in the face of adversity.

In the meantime, we’ll explore an oft-overlooked ability, Divine Protection. We’ll reveal its potential and why it’s worth considering in your Cleric build. So, let’s embark on this journey of discovery and power to uncover the secrets of full-tank Cleric builds and the mysterious Divine Protection.

How To Build Your Tank Cleric?

To build an effective Cleric tank, you need to prioritize defensive equipment and abilities. Here we break down the items and abilities you should consider.

First, you can purchase a Heater Shield as your primary defense item. Don’t be afraid to waste Dark and Darker Gold as it provides substantial protection and is a must-have for any tanking Cleric.

Dark and Darker: Full Tank Build Cleric - Is Divine Protection a Viable Ability?

Next, you need to equip the best helmet to maximize your defense. Then prioritize using Plate Armor to improve your overall tanking capabilities.

Perseverance increases your ability to withstand enemy attacks, making it a must-have option for tank builds. Over time, Holy Aura provides passive healing to improve your durability.

Finally, and the focus of this guide, Divine Protection increases your physical damage reduction by 30% for four seconds. This can be a game changer when facing powerful enemies.

Divine Protection

Divine Protection is a unique ability that significantly increases your survivability in combat. Here I’ll go into more detail about this underrated skill.

First, Divine Protection increases your PDR by 30%, which means you take 30% less physical damage from enemy attacks. And the effect lasts for four seconds, giving you a brief but crucial window of increased defense.

But it has to be said that Divine Protection has a 90-second cooldown. This makes it the least popular ability in Cleric. Because it has a long cooldown and a short duration.

Dark and Darker: Full Tank Cleric Build - Divine Protection

Why Is Divine Protection Worth Choosing?

While Divine Protection may not be the most popular choice among Clerics, it has its advantages, especially in tank builds.

First, most opponents will not think that Cleric has Divine Protection. This element of surprise can repel attackers who underestimate your tank’s abilities.

Next, Divine Protection can turn the tide of a battle by decimating incoming damage. It effectively gives you a four-second window of invulnerability to physical attacks.

Plus, in player-versus-player encounters, Divine Protection allows your damage output to outlast your opponents. This gives you the upper hand.

Finally, when combined with Protection from Evil, it can remove harmful status effects such as bleeds or poisons. This will further improve your survivability.

Dark and Darker: Tank Cleric Guide

Substitution Ability

While Divine Protection has its advantages, there are other capabilities you can choose from.

For example, Judgment increases your damage output. This can be helpful if you want to contribute more to your team’s offense. In addition, Holy Shield is also a good skill choice. It provides a protective barrier that enhances your defenses.


In the world of Dark and Darker, a fully tanked Cleric with Divine Protection can become a force to be reckoned with. While this build may not be the most popular choice, it offers unique advantages that make it unstoppable in both PVE and PVP scenarios.

You can try the full tank Cleric to see if it suits your play style and improves your survivability in dungeons. Remember, versatility is key, and the best Cleric builds can adapt to different situations. May it fill your Dark and Darker journey with victory and rich loot!


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