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Dark And Darker: A Complete Guide To Skeleton Warlord Boss!

Posted: Jan 04, 2024

Welcome to our complete Dark and Darker Skeleton Warlord boss fight guide. 

In this guide, everything you need to know about the boss’ attacks, mechanics, locations, and more is provided. Without further ado, let’s see how to defeat Warlord.

Dark And Darker: A Complete Guide To Skeleton Warlord Boss


The location of this boss is fairly simple, as every boss on Inferno map has a chance to spawn there. 

The major difference from Skeleton Warlord is that they can only spawn in non-High Roller game mode. This is because these bosses feel easier than others. Therefore, players who are new to Inferno map boss battles can easily enter!

Skeleton Warlord has some mechanics and abilities to note. But with a little preparation and research, this battle is pretty simple. A boss battle begins whenever the player enters one of the 8 entrances.

Dark And Darker: Skeleton Warlord Location


Next, let’s talk about each attack mechanism of Skeleton Warlord.

  • Summon Skeleton Rogues: This is a skill used by Skeleton Warlord between phases to summon multiple Skeleton Rogues to attack you.
  • Bone Prison: Skeleton Warlord will stand within his aura and after reaching 5 stacks of debuffs, he will trap you in a Bone Prison.
  • Throwing Knives: This is a throwing enchanted knife that is regularly used to catch players from a distance. It deals with 25 points of physical damage.
  • Soul Steal: Skeleton will use the souls of dead players to create a shield for itself, absorbing 250 points of damage.
  • Realm of Domination: With this attack, Warlord can paralyze players within AOE range for 6 seconds.
  • Teleport Attacks: This will cause Warlord to teleport behind a random player and attack with his sword.

Dark And Darker: Skeleton Warlord Boss Guide


The first thing we should do when entering Skeleton Warlord boss fight is buff. Clerics and Bards pre-casting their protection and damage buffs are key to starting a fight. Meanwhile, it is also important to spend Dark and Darker Gold in advance to purchase Potion of Protection.

Once the battle begins, Warlord will summon his Skeleton Rogues and cast a shield on himself. You can find chains leading to bosses on these Rogues. To lower the shield, you need to kill Rogues. If we do not kill Rogues in time, the chain connected to the boss will break.

In the first phase, Clerics is best pushed directly to Warlord and use Holy Purification. Doing so will hit each Rogues, making it easier for the team to kill them.

Once Skeleton Warlord’s barrier is down, he will begin to initiate Onslaught. This is where Fighter with the shield becomes most important. They can block most of Warlord’s attacks by holding down block while raising their head slightly!

In the meantime, be aware of who Warlord is targeting and his tendency to teleport. So prepare accordingly. Have one player tank and the rest DPS.

After the damage phase ends, Warlord will return to the first phase and his barrier will rise, pushing Warlord into the second phase.

At this point, Warlord behaves exactly as it did during the first damage phase. Therefore, the method of dealing damage to the boss is the same as in the first damage phase. Rinse and repeat a few times and you’ll kill the boss!

Dark and Darker: Killing the New Boss Skeleton Warlord & The Loot Drops


If you and your party have defeated Skeleton Warlord, the dungeon’s loot is yours! Warlord will drop a total of 4 pieces of loot. Plus, there’s a treasure here! Treasures are unlimited loot points, as long as your inventory can hold them all!

Hopefully, this complete Skeleton Warlord boss battle guide will successfully help you get all the glory and loot in the dungeon!


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