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News Tag: Dark and Darker

  • Greed Is Good: A New Twist On Dungeon Crawling

    Posted: Feb 03, 2024

    Greed is Good is a new game that combines elements of dungeon crawling, PvP, and extraction in a fantasy setting.

    The game was released on November 5, 2023, by The Fool’s Studio, an indie developer based in China. The game is available on Steam for PC, and supports English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese languages.

    How Is Greed Is Good Different From Dark And Darker?

    Dark and Darker is another game that has a similar premise to Greed is Good, but with some notable differences.

    Dark and Darker was developed by Ironmace, a South Korean studio, and was released on August 14, 2023, on Chaf Games, a platform for indie games23. The game also supports PC, and has English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified) languages.

    Both games are PvPvE games, where players enter a mysterious dungeon as bounty hunters, and have to cooperate with their teammates to fight against enemies and fears, while also competing with other players for loot and survival. Both games also have a variety of classes to choose from, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

    However, there are some key differences between the 2 games, such as:

    Greed is Good has a first-person perspective, while Dark and Darker has a third-person perspective. This affects the immersion and the visibility of the game environment and the enemies.

    Greed is Good has a more cartoonish and colorful art style, while Dark and Darker has a more realistic and dark art style. This affects the mood and the tone of the game, as well as the level of gore and violence.

    Greed is Good has a toxic gas mechanic, where players have to be aware of the gas that fills the dungeon and escape before they are suffocated. This adds a sense of urgency and pressure to the game, as well as a strategic element of choosing the best escape route. Dark and Darker does not have this mechanic, but instead has a more complex and varied dungeon layout, with more traps, puzzles, and secrets to discover. This adds a sense of exploration and curiosity to the game, as well as a challenge of solving the puzzles and avoiding the traps.

    Greed is Good has a more casual and humorous tone, with witty dialogues and funny interactions between the characters and the NPCs. The game also has a more light-hearted and comedic story, where the bounty hunters are motivated by greed and fun, rather than by a serious or noble cause. Dark and Darker has a more serious and grim tone, with more dramatic and tense dialogues and interactions between the characters and the NPCs. The game also has a more dark and epic story, where the bounty hunters are involved in a larger conflict between the forces of light and darkness, and have to face the consequences of their actions.

    How Can You Excel In Greed Is Good?

    If you want to dominate Greed Is Good, in addition to preparing enough Greed is Good Gold Coins, you also need to master certain skills and strategies. Here are guidelines to aid you in mastering the game.

    1. Opt For A Class Aligned With Your Playstyle And Preferences

    7 classes await your choice: Fighter, Fire Mage, Rogue, Ranger, Barbarian, Cleric, and Frost Mage.

    Each class possesses distinct strengths, weaknesses, roles, and abilities within the team. For instance, the Fighter serves as a robust melee class, excelling in damage and team protection. Conversely, the Fire Mage, a ranged magic class, inflicts high damage and ignites enemies but exhibits lower defense and health.

    2. Coordinate And Collaborate With Teammates

    Designed for teams of three, effective teamwork is pivotal for survival and victory.

    Leverage voice or text chat to communicate with teammates, orchestrating actions and strategies. Assign roles such as leader, scout, and healer to each teammate. Share crucial information like enemy locations, loot, traps, and puzzles.

    3. Find A Balance Between PvE And PvP

    Greed is Good encompasses both PvE and PvP dynamics, requiring you to confront both enemies and fellow players.

    Maintain equilibrium between battling enemies and players, as well as between dungeon progression and escape. Decisions such as when to attack or retreat, loot or run, cooperate or betray, demand strategic awareness. Manage resources like weapons, spells, health, and gas masks judiciously.

    4. Embrace Fun And Enjoy The Game

    The game promises an enjoyable experience where exploration, monster battles, and loot collection (including different types of Greed is Good Items) are paramount.

    Humor and comedy abound with amusing dialogues, interactions, and unexpected outcomes. The game adopts a lighthearted approach, encouraging players to do the same. Embrace experimentation with various strategies and tactics, and most importantly, relish the game for the entertaining escapade it offers.

  • Dark And Darker: A Complete Guide To Skeleton Warlord Boss!

    Posted: Jan 04, 2024

    Welcome to our complete Dark and Darker Skeleton Warlord boss fight guide. 

    In this guide, everything you need to know about the boss’ attacks, mechanics, locations, and more is provided. Without further ado, let’s see how to defeat Warlord.


    The location of this boss is fairly simple, as every boss on Inferno map has a chance to spawn there. 

    The major difference from Skeleton Warlord is that they can only spawn in non-High Roller game mode. This is because these bosses feel easier than others. Therefore, players who are new to Inferno map boss battles can easily enter!

    Skeleton Warlord has some mechanics and abilities to note. But with a little preparation and research, this battle is pretty simple. A boss battle begins whenever the player enters one of the 8 entrances.


    Next, let’s talk about each attack mechanism of Skeleton Warlord.

    • Summon Skeleton Rogues: This is a skill used by Skeleton Warlord between phases to summon multiple Skeleton Rogues to attack you.
    • Bone Prison: Skeleton Warlord will stand within his aura and after reaching 5 stacks of debuffs, he will trap you in a Bone Prison.
    • Throwing Knives: This is a throwing enchanted knife that is regularly used to catch players from a distance. It deals with 25 points of physical damage.
    • Soul Steal: Skeleton will use the souls of dead players to create a shield for itself, absorbing 250 points of damage.
    • Realm of Domination: With this attack, Warlord can paralyze players within AOE range for 6 seconds.
    • Teleport Attacks: This will cause Warlord to teleport behind a random player and attack with his sword.


    The first thing we should do when entering Skeleton Warlord boss fight is buff. Clerics and Bards pre-casting their protection and damage buffs are key to starting a fight. Meanwhile, it is also important to spend Dark and Darker Gold in advance to purchase Potion of Protection.

    Once the battle begins, Warlord will summon his Skeleton Rogues and cast a shield on himself. You can find chains leading to bosses on these Rogues. To lower the shield, you need to kill Rogues. If we do not kill Rogues in time, the chain connected to the boss will break.

    In the first phase, Clerics is best pushed directly to Warlord and use Holy Purification. Doing so will hit each Rogues, making it easier for the team to kill them.

    Once Skeleton Warlord’s barrier is down, he will begin to initiate Onslaught. This is where Fighter with the shield becomes most important. They can block most of Warlord’s attacks by holding down block while raising their head slightly!

    In the meantime, be aware of who Warlord is targeting and his tendency to teleport. So prepare accordingly. Have one player tank and the rest DPS.

    After the damage phase ends, Warlord will return to the first phase and his barrier will rise, pushing Warlord into the second phase.

    At this point, Warlord behaves exactly as it did during the first damage phase. Therefore, the method of dealing damage to the boss is the same as in the first damage phase. Rinse and repeat a few times and you’ll kill the boss!


    If you and your party have defeated Skeleton Warlord, the dungeon’s loot is yours! Warlord will drop a total of 4 pieces of loot. Plus, there’s a treasure here! Treasures are unlimited loot points, as long as your inventory can hold them all!

    Hopefully, this complete Skeleton Warlord boss battle guide will successfully help you get all the glory and loot in the dungeon!

  • Dark And Darker: How To Choose The Best Solo Class?

    Posted: Sep 28, 2023

    If you’re a dedicated solo player in Dark and Darker, you’re probably well aware of the importance of choosing the right profession for your adventure. Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and understanding them is key to maximizing your success as a solo player.

    In this solo tier guide, we’ll break down each class, diving into their pros and cons and why you may or may not want to play them solo. We’re going to cover them in order from worst to best. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    D Tier - Wizard

    First, let’s talk about the advantages of Wizard. He can use spells such as Fireball and Chain Lightning to cause significant damage to enemies. Meanwhile, he is effective against Fighter builds with high physical damage reduction. Wizard provides useful buffs to the team, such as Invisibility and Haste.

    But its shortcomings are also obvious. Wizard requires equipment to function, which can be challenging for beginners. And they deal with very little physical damage, making hand-to-hand combat difficult without equipment. Also, Wizards have some of the lowest health in the game, making them vulnerable.

    C Tier - Ranger

    Many solo players like Ranger because he has good mob removal capabilities and can move at a reasonable speed. In addition, his ability to use a variety of weapons also provides players with ideas for new builds.

    But Rangers have low health, which makes them vulnerable in combat. And they need Arrow or Bolt management. This means you need to invest more Dark and Darker Gold and time in this class. Also, he is vulnerable to fighter builds with high physical damage reduction.

    C Tier - Bard

    Bard excels in team play, providing powerful buffs to teammates. And they get to wear high-quality gear.

    In comparison, Bard’s attack power is relatively weak and cannot be used as the main damage dealer. The limited weapon selection makes it less versatile in combat. So in solo games, Bard as a support can often get you into trouble.

    B Tier - Rogue

    Rogue’s movement speed and interaction speed are the fastest of all classes, allowing for fast and flexible gameplay. Also, they can perform magical and physical attacks, making them more adaptable in combat.

    Rogue can use Invisibility skill to ambush and escape. This is an immense advantage for solo players. Meanwhile, they can detect traps, speed up map exploration and avoid fatal surprises.

    It’s just that Rogue’s health is low, so it’s easy to die from powerful direct attacks. And except for Rapier, Rogue weapons have limited range.

    B Tier - Cleric

    As for Cleric, his self-healing is valuable for solo players. And they can wear heavy armor for extra protection. In teamwork, Cleric also provides powerful buffs to heal and resurrect allies.

    But his slower attack and interaction speed affect his abilities. And he has limited ranged attack options, relying mostly on spells. As a result, many of Cleric’s abilities are designed for teamwork rather than use in single-player games.

    A Tier - Barbarian

    Barbarian has the highest base health in the game. This is a great option for newbies who need extra durability.

    In addition, Barbarian also has powerful melee damage. Even with basic weapons, Barbarian deals with significant melee damage, allowing it to destroy enemy creatures.

    So, aided by its higher base health and melee damage, it’s relatively easy to upgrade and grind for better gear as a solo player.

    We should note that Barbarian’s slow movement speed makes chasing enemies difficult. Also, he lacks ranged attack options. If you can’t close the gap quickly, you’re vulnerable to ranged attackers.

    S Tier - Fighter

    Fighter’s high physical damage reduction is very attractive for solo players. Even after the recent nerfs, Fighter can be used to create high physical damage reduction builds.

    Moreover, they can use any weapon in the game, including ranged weapons like Bows and Crossbows. In addition, Fighter’s Second Wind can help him restore a large amount of health, although it is a onetime ability.

    It’s just that the effectiveness of a fighter’s abilities depends heavily on successful blocking and parrying. This may be challenging for some players. In addition, although Fighter’s physical defense is high, it is weak against magic attacks.

    S Tier - Warlock

    Finally, for Warlock, his high damage output is definitely the best choice for solo players. Especially high-damage spells like Hellfire, which can clear out enemies quickly. With lifesteal and proper equipment, Warlock can cast unlimited spells.

    And his Phantom ability and Corrupted Strike can provide solo players with surprising mobility and extra damage.

    But their shortcomings still deserve attention. Warlocks often need good equipment to reach their full potential. Their physical damage is lower when unequipped. Also, they don’t have the highest health, so correct positioning is crucial.

    Final Thoughts

    In Dark and Darker, the class you choose will affect your single-player experience. While each class has its pros and cons, solo players should consider their preferred play style and adaptability.

    Therefore, Fighter and Warlock are often the first choice for solo adventurers, as they can provide excellent damage output and survivability. However, even lower level professions can be picked up quickly. However, experiment and find the class that best suits your play style. Good luck with your raid!

  • Dark And Darker: Is It Worth Spending Time Farming Giant Centipede In Goblin Caves?

    Posted: Sep 05, 2023

    Today we are going to talk about farming Giant Centipede. We’ve farmed about 20 times so far. So I’m going to show you how to farm it in Goblin Caves and whether it’s worth it to take the time to kill Giant Centipede repeatedly.

    In the meantime, I’ll show you what I got out of it. Then we’ll talk more about where Giant Centipede spawns and whether it’s really worth the time to do so.

    Dropped Loot

    First, I want to talk about the loot we can get from Giant Centipede. Such as those Oil Lantern, Campfire, Potion of Protection, Felling Axe and Hunting Trap. I guess if you’re a Barbarian or Fighter, the loot drops are actually pretty good. But as you can see, most of the time we don’t get anything useful.

    But we find some magnificent rings and pendants with similar three properties. This means that you can get pendants with all three attributes by farming Giant Centipede. While this loot has a low drop rate, I think it’s personally worth putting it on your farming route. But don’t go to it all the time, because it is a waste of time in many cases.

    So I just put them together with my farming roots. Therefore, I wouldn’t make him my primary target. Because it would be a waste of time and not very profitable. But if you can meet him and kill him, it’s definitely worth it.

    How To Farm Giant Centipede?

    Second, we could kill Giant Centipede easily. This enemy has two attacks, a wide spread venom spray and a forward lunge with a narrow hit range. Both situations can be avoided by strafing in front of and around Giant Centipede. Also, this bug is pretty bulky, but not very threatening as long as you stay close and keep moving.

    My suggestion is that if you just want to farm it, then you go for Cleric, and turn on Protection from Evil. This way you can easily farm these Giant Centipedes. Since venom spray is his major attack, this has absolutely no effect on a Cleric under Protection from Evil. So that’s my take on and tips for farming Giant Centipedes.

    Giant Centipede’s Spawn Location

    If you can’t find these Giant Centipedes, don’t worry. I’ll go and show you where Giant Centipedes can spawn. Giant Centipedes can spawn in two locations, the northwest corner and the east side of the map. These are also the only two locations on this Goblin Caves map where Giant Centipedes can spawn.

    Normally I’d farm on the left spawn point. Because the density of monsters here is higher, this means that we can harvest more XP and Dark and Darker Gold. My farming lines are mostly in this direction. And it’s right next to the escape door, so if the door opens when you get close, you can escape from it.

    Especially if the end point is an escape door, then you’re likely to get all the loot. And as a Cleric, we can restore health in Storm anyway, and wait for the escape door to open.

    In the end, I managed to kill Giant Centipedes on this run and got some really nice pendants and other loot. So do you think it’s worth farming Giant Centipedes boss in Goblin Caves? Would you like to give it a try? I want to know your opinion. Anyway, that’s all for this guide. All adventurers, I hope you have a good time.

  • Dark And Darker: A Full Guide To Wizard Class! - Spell System, Perks & Combat Tips

    Posted: Sep 04, 2023

    Welcome to my new Dark and Darker Wizard guide. This guide will make it a priority to really dig into the Wizard class and master the elements.

    We’ll start with useful information and an introduction for beginners. We then detail Wizard’s spells and perks. Finally, Wizard combat guide and advanced tips for more experienced players.


    Wizard is a powerful Glass Cannon. He has access to a variety of high-damage long-range projectiles and some of the best buffs in the game. This is a very versatile class that can be played with in many styles. This means it has by far the most skill expression of any category.

    Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of this class.

    On the plus side, Wizard has some of the best movement and escape options in the game. Meanwhile, he also has some of the best scaling and good gear.

    But the downsides that Wizard has to live with include his low health and armor, and slow interaction speed. He is mostly a slow projectile that loses its effectiveness at long range. Finally, because of the need for Meditation, he needs a lot of rest time.

    With all of this in mind, Wizards are incredibly powerful once mastered. Good mobility and the right use of haste make Wizard untouchable for any melee class, while Invisibility allows him to fight Ranger or other Wizards. Therefore, we think this class can be considered one of the best in the game.

    Spell System

    Wizard’s spell system is relatively simple. You can hold E to open the spell wheel, where you can choose any equipped spell. Once selected, hold the right button with a spell-casting weapon to channel a spell. When the bar is full, you can release the right button to cast it, or press F to cancel it.

    Different spell-casting weapons can have different casting animations. Some are faster and slow down less. Your best bet is this Spell book and Crystal Ball. As long as Alchemist has it in stock, you can get as many Spell books and Crystal Balls as you want for less Dark and Darker Gold.

    Plus, it enhanced your spells with a few different stats. Wizard has a unique spell menu shared only with Cleric, where you can equip many spells. Equipping spells requires the consumption of knowledge. You can get more stats with equipment.

    Each spell needs to be sorted by level. Level numbers show their knowledge cost and how quickly you can restore them through Meditation.


    Let’s do a quick review of Wizard’s perks like we did spells. First off, the effects of Ice Shield may not have a way to warrant an equip over most other perks. But it is very necessary. Because it makes Wizard feel better playing Power Surge.

    Second, the effect of Arcane Feedback is also small, so it doesn’t work very well. And Sage is a very good perk, because knowledge can also speed up your casting speed.

    Also, Arcane Mastery you should definitely equip. Because it speeds up Arcane spells, which are also Wizard’s best spell.

    Fire Mastery increases burn duration, which does more damage. Equip it if you use any fire spells.

    Melt is a perk that is of little use to Wizard and has a minor effect on any teammates.

    Reactive Shield gets worse as the gear you face gets better. Especially against good melee weapons, wizards will take a shot or two, anyway.

    There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with other perks, but sticking to the top 4 will give you the best results.

    Combat Guide

    First, make sure you use Arcane Missiles and Zap to clear any PVE quickly. It doesn’t matter if you only end up with 2-3 Arcane Missiles. Assuming they’re not wasted, this should be enough if you’re into PVP.

    On that note, let’s talk about some general strategies for doing PVP. The best range Wizard can stay at is mid-range. You can’t get too far away. It’s hard to hit slow projectiles. But you also shouldn’t get too close or risk getting hit by a melee weapon.

    So when you find yourself cornered by a melee class, you can use Invisibility to reposition and re-establish the spatial gap between you. You can also enhance yourself by using Haste to ensure you stay within your preferred range.

    Knowing this, you should be able to beat any melee class by keeping your distance and using your damage spells.


    The only threats to this plan are classes that are also effective at mid-range, such as Ranger or other Wizards. You can apply Invisibility benefit to yourself to move. Then you need to get close to Wizard or Ranger, where you can use Arcane Missiles or Fireball plus Zap combo to eliminate them.

    You’ll want to make sure to use the 4 seconds of Invisibility to get through the front lines and take out any Rangers or other Wizards first. Because they pose the greatest threat to you.


    That concludes the beginner’s guide to Wizard class in Dark and Darker. Hopefully, these tips and gameplay will improve your Dark and Darker gaming experience and allow you to win more matches. Good luck.

  • Dark And Darker: A Complete Guide To Fighter! - Perks, Skills, Weapons & PVP Tips

    Posted: Sep 01, 2023

    Welcome to my new Fighter guide, designed to provide some help to players of all experience levels. We’ll start with important information and introductions for Fighter. It then introduces the perks, skills, and weapons available to that class. Finally, we’ll provide a full PVP guide and some advanced tips to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.


    Fighter’s strength lies in its powerful equipment and flexible kit. The class’s defensive capabilities benefit from its signature heavy armor and self-healing abilities. They give Fighter unrivaled recovery abilities. You can also enhance this further by using a shield.

    Their mobility and damage are determined by a unique dash ability and a variety of long-range two-handed weapons. These weapons give them enough lethality to destroy most classes in the melee.

    Finally, Fighter perk allows them to be equipped with any ranged weapon. This allows them to pose a threat to enemies at any range.

    Pros & Cons

    Next, let’s review some pros and cons of Fighter category.

    As for the advantages of Fighter class, one is the ability to equip the best damage reduction armor in the game. The second is that he has a wealth of equipment, which is very attractive to beginners. The third is that he has a powerful self-healing ability and is one of the two classes that can equip an off-hand shield.

    As for the downside, what Fighter has to face is that it is to rely on good gear. Because Fighter lacks damage and stamina without using decent gear. But his strongest gear will seriously slow down your character. Finally, his armor is very noisy, making it difficult to sneak up on anyone.


    Now let’s review the perks that Fighter can equip.

    • Barricade: Not only does it have a slight effect, but it only happens when you’re supposed to be blocking all damage, anyway.
    • Combo Attack: This can actually increase your damage significantly. But it’s only really effective with fast-attacking weapons.
    • Counterattack: Its buff isn’t particularly useful because of its short duration.
    • Defense Expert: This works really well with high AR gear.
    • Dual Wield: It’s not a popular strategy for Fighter, and the effect itself isn’t terrible.
    • Swift: This is very important for Fighter as it helps with heavy armor sets.
    • Weapon Mastery: This lets you equip Ranger’s bow.


    Now let’s introduce Fighter’s skills. First off, Sprint can be used to escape from any situation, or to go after someone and confirm a kill.

    Second Wind is Fighter’s best ability. It will improve your survivability in battle. Although it is disposable, campfires can recycle it. We can use this instead of Sprint if you’re running a high damage build.

    His Healing is negligible in PVP. But if you’re new and don’t have enough Dark and Darker Gold to get Potions of Healing, it’s fine to use. And you can recover slowly by killing enemies in PVE.

    Breakthrough is useless unless you plan to capture Red Portal and fight Ghost King. Because it will remove all the slow stacks that Ghost King applies to you.

    His Taunt is pretty useless, because if you really want to hate something, you can just hit it. And its defense buff is not enough to be useful in PVP, and it is terrible in PVE.

    Adrenaline Rush works great, but crashes can be dire. So it’s only worth using if you’re recovering afterward.

    Also Read: Dark And Darker Ghost King’s Abilities & Attacks Explained - How To Survive During The Boss Fight?


    Certain weapons can make you powerful or limit you. So we will discuss the most important prototypes of Fighter weapon. Keep in mind that any weapons that are not available to Fighter class are by default. He suffers a 20% damage debuff whenever he has Weapon Mastery equipped.

    One-handed weapons with strong DPS should be prioritized when using shields. And they’re not much worse than many two-handed weapons in terms of DPS.

    Spear and Longsword are the best two-handed weapons that a Fighter can equip. Because of their massive damage and attack patterns. But best of all, we can equip them without Weapon Mastery. But these two-handed weapons suffer heavily from the slowdown when wielding them.

    Also, ranged weapons like Halberd, Zweihander, Battle Axe are very good, they increase the threat of Fighter at a certain range and should be used.

    PVP - General Tactics

    It’s important to use the utilities you have to your advantage before combat begins. Drink Potion of Protection and preemptively use Potions of Healing so you can gain healing over time in combat.

    Let’s get into actual combat. The best strategy against aggressive teams is to stay away from any ranged classes and deal with any melee opponents first. A good strategy is to place their melee frontline between you and ranged classes, so it’s harder for them to shoot you.

    Fighter can now try to take on any ranged class if there are no more melee opponents. If you need to be the aggressor, you’re going to have to deal with melee classes. But you go for support and remote first. This stops defenders from moving away from you and forces their melee front lines to make a choice.

    So as a Fighter, playing with your teammates is your best choice. Because your class can adapt to any PVP method. However, if you’re a solo player, you’ll want to get their health down as much as possible via ranged before jumping in. You may have to take your time to get through 1v3 fights.

    Advanced Tips

    Finally, we’ll tell you some of the best information we can provide to make your Fighter stand out from other players.

    The first trick is to use Throwables. Compared to normal ranged weapons, they are quick to draw and don’t slow down your movement like bows do.

    Second, Pavise is not only my favorite weapon, but it’s also one of the most useful weapons for a Fighter. Since you can put it on the ground to block the doorway, you can easily block PVE and force players to only come in one at a time.

    Then, you can stack the effects of Potions of Healing of different rarities. Each different rarity has its own healing effect. This means you can drink potions of different rarities and have them heal you at the same time.

    Finally, you can keep loaded Crossbows in your inventory to pull out and shoot. You can instantly fire a 70+ damage Bolt without reloading. This increases your ranged burst damage potential and is really helpful when you’re engaging enemies.


    Overall, our Fighter guide ends here. Hope this guide helps dungeon explorers get a better understanding of Fighter class. Good luck.

  • Dark And Darker: How To Kill Lich King? - All Abilities & Attacks Guide

    Posted: Aug 31, 2023

    Lich is one boss you can currently encounter in Dark and Darker. If you reach this Inferno stage via Red Portal, Lich or Ghost King will spawn in the center of the map. The bosses you encounter are completely random, so get ready to fight any of them. If you can’t handle them, be ready to run away and try again.

    But don’t worry, I will share with you a detailed guide about this Lich King. Hope this helps some dungeon crawlers get ready for the next test.


    Our group found it much easier to fight Lich King than Ghost King. But his attack pattern seems to be quite RNG, so definitely don’t let your guard down.

    Class Selection

    We chose Barbarian, Ranger, and Cleric, but we can do this in any class. I’ve even seen Lich King defeated with just two people and no Cleric. So it’s always helpful to have a Cleric for extra healing, but it’s definitely not required.

    You don’t need anything too baffling unless you’re trying High Roller bosses. In High Roller lobbies, we will hit harder the boss and have more health. But their mechanics are the same, and Dark and Darker Gold and unique gear have a higher drop rate.

    Potion Of Protection

    Also, I recommend sending Potion of Protection a lot throughout the fight. Although Lich King’s attacks are all magic damage, Potion can only block physical damage. But this Lich King has 6 Skeleton Guards, and they all deal with physical damage. So in this fight, Potion of Protection is actually useful.

    Potions of different levels can be stacked. It will only refresh the effect if you use two of the same potions. But the two different levels of Healing Potion will stack to heal you faster. This also applies to Potion of Protection.


    If you have Cleric or Wizard, bring campfires to replenish your spells before combat. You can also get Skeleton Skin from the shop, which grants an additional 10 magic resistance. This is very helpful for boss fights.

    Pavise Start

    Since Lich King mostly stands in one position in the center of the room. We had Cleric throw Fire Bottles and Gas Lanterns at him to squeeze out some extra DPS. But this may make it harder for melee classes to hit the boss, so use with caution.

    Having a Ranger or Fighter with a shield is very helpful. Before we start the fight, you can let them alone into the room and quickly install Pavise on the floor. Note that you’ll want to place the shield facing the side of the boss, then exit the room to reset.

    Then remove any hot bar items you won’t be using and pop up your Potion of Protection. Next, have your Cleric cast a buff or two before your team gets in.

    Archers & Skeletons

    Lich King has three Archers and Shield Skeletons at its side. They are a little stronger than normal Skeletons. If you can react quickly, I recommend taking out at least three Archers. Lich King will resurrect these Skeletons during the battle. But if you can kill them quickly, they have a longer cooldown, which is usually worth it.

    The three Archers and Shield Skeletons pose no threat. They are usually just cover for Lich King’s attack.

    If you didn’t install Pavise beforehand, you’ll probably want to keep some of these Skeletons on hand to hold back Lich King’s Orb attack. Orb attack targets a player and will slowly follow them until colliding with something. It does a lot of damage if it hits, so run away immediately and make sure you don’t drag it onto your teammates.

    Bolt Attack

    Lich King constantly fires Magic Bolts at players who take a hard hit, but you can easily dodge this by circling around the boss or strafing left and right. It’s important to keep moving during this battle to avoid these Bolts, but also Archers and other Skeletons.

    It is wise to stick together as a group and move clockwise or counterclockwise around the boss. The more important reason is that the boss will cast a curse, marking the player with a purple or blue circle on the ground.

    Circle Mark

    The purple circle requires the team to all stack together to spread the damage from everyone inside. This means everyone inside will take less damage from attacks. Because it will distribute these injuries to everyone in the circle. Stacking close to bosses can be very dangerous. But if you manage to stack purple on all Skeletons and Lich, then the attack will hardly do any damage.

    The blue circle does the opposite. The number of players or Skeletons inside the circle multiplies damage. So when the player is targeted by the blue circle, they need to run in the opposite direction and away from any Skeletons.

    Also, if you have the time and the circle allows, there’s a Resurrection Shrine just west of the boss’ room that will revive fallen comrades. That’s about it. I hope these tips and tricks are helpful to you!

  • Dark And Darker: Best Gold Farming Locations And Route Planning In Goblin Caves

    Posted: Aug 30, 2023

    Dark and Darker just did a fresh server wipe, and now is a good time to get gear and gold quickly. So, here we’re going to cover the best drop locations to rare gear in Goblin Caves to get your stash full of gold as quickly as possible.

    Right now, this guide’s sorting doesn’t take any rank into account, since your spawns are random. So you just do your best to remember these locations. This way, no matter what spawn locations you get, you can plan your route as efficiently as possible while taking maximum profit into account.

    Northwest And East Ends - Giant Centipedes

    First, let’s figure out which enemies to kill and where to kill them to get some rare trinkets. These trinkets are located on the two Giant Centipedes at the northwestern and eastern ends of the map.

    According to the data, you have a 35% chance of getting Ring or Necklace in these two places, but the northwest corner is preferable. Because in addition to the occasional utility items, there is also a large chest and a Shrine Of Health. Here’s an example of items that me and my friends drop after killing Giant Centipedes.

    Central - Skeleton Champion

    If you want rare weapons and gear, kill Skeleton Champion that spawns in the central module or turn on the lever. Because a second Skeleton Champion may reappear behind the hidden door.

    The best way to kill them is to lure out the attack chain, then return to the attack on cooldown. Skeleton Champion usually drops some rare weapons and armor, and has a slight chance of dropping the epic.

    Southeast Side - Giant Worm

    Now you can also summon a Giant Worm on the southeast side of the map. But currently it only has a 2% chance of dropping Old Rusty Key, so it’s really not worth farming. So I’ll skip this guy and spend this time fighting more worthy enemies elsewhere.

    South Side - Mummies

    Honestly, I also skip Goblins unless I need XP or they’re in the way. Because fighting them doesn’t make much sense. If you’re focused on killing for profit, you can go find Mummies, which can be found in the lower part of the map.

    Killing Mummies has a chance to drop rare gems and trinkets, and it’s definitely worth the time to kill them. Because gems that reach the rarity level are always worth more than other dungeon treasures and trinkets of the same size. This means that you can get higher Dark and Darker Gold returns from it.

    I’m guessing this will be nerfed in the future. Because it’s a veritable goldmine. All you need to do is kill Goblin Mage and two random Goblins and gain access to 36 slots. Each of these slots has a chance to spawn rare trinkets or utility items.

    Top Right - Death Beetles

    Another suitable spot is the upper right corner of the map, where there are some Death Beetles, Goblins, and treasure chests. But what’s really special about this location is that these item spawns have a high chance of spawning random rare items. Of course, this could be an artifact of play testing. But always check here as I’ve gotten some high value rare items out of it.

    Small Treasure Room On The West Side

    The last location is a small room at the bottom of the western module after clearing out a Goblin Mage and a few Warriors. You’ll find up to 12 random treasures scattered across pots and tables on the floor. It’s not the highest value room, but has a higher concentration of loot than any other area on the map. If you need XP too, there are plenty of Goblins around that you can drag through traps and kill quickly.

    That’s all the gold farming locations I’ve found in Goblin Caves. You can integrate at least one of these hotspots along these routes to make sure you can walk away with an item for sale or an inventory full of treasure. Overall, I hope you are off to a good start.

  • Dark And Darker: How To Easily Defeat Ghost King And Collect The Loot? - Main Attack Explained

    Posted: Aug 28, 2023

    Do you want to know how to beat Ghost King in Dark and Darker? Experienced adventurers are not afraid to go to the lowest dungeon floors, as they can easily defeat all enemies with their skill and teamwork. But even the most experienced group will find it difficult to fight Ghost King.

    Ghost King is one of the strongest bosses in Dark and Darker and is the final stage at the end of the Inferno 02 map. To find the boss, you’ll need to use Red Portals to get to the bottom of the dungeon, then head to the central room.

    To defeat the Ghost King in Dark and Darker, you have to be ready to fight. The first thing we’ll get to know about is Ghost King’s major attack.


    The first is that the Teleport attack will teleport Ghost King to the player, causing 20-30 True Magical damage. Depending on difficulty and Pools drops, the player the boss teleports to will glow slightly and make noise. The player can avoid this by simply fleeing in any direction at maximum speed.


    The second major attack is Orb attack. Ghost King fires Orbs every time he finishes an attack. If they hit you, they do 30-45 True Magical damage depending on difficulty, while also healing the boss for 30 HP and dropping a Pool on the ground.

    You can avoid this by strafing clockwise around the boss. Stay fairly close, not too close or too far, or you can still take damage. You can also use the walls around the arena to block damage.

    You can also try to force this attack by getting close to the boss. Once you’ve dragged Ghost King out of any Pools it might be in so the melee class can do damage to him. That way he doesn’t keep teleporting and spawning more Pools, which would make the entire arena a death trap.

    Curse Of Chilling

    The ultimate attack is Pools generated in combination with the previous attacks. When you step on it, you get a stacking debuff called Curse of Chilling. It causes you to take more damage from other wraith attacks and also slows you down.


    Now you need to understand the attack mechanism that Ghost King uses based on time and health. The first is Scream attack, which makes Ghost King invulnerable and does 15 True Magical damage to you. Whenever Ghost King loses 20 health or a player dies, a stack of Curse of Chilling will be applied.

    Soul Eating

    The second is Soul Eating mode, where Ghost King will gain a shield around him, reducing damage taken. And after using 4-7 normal attack modes, he will chase a player. Once he grabs that player, they will be rooted and lose health. Meanwhile, it will gain another stack of Curse of Chilling.

    You can get shields to avoid damage by spending Dark and Darker Gold. You can also leave the boss’ room and stay outside when they get caught. Even if he catches you, you won’t be hurt.

    Note that Ghost King will grab any player in front of them, so don’t go in front of Ghost King. Even if he’s not chasing you, you can follow Ghost King and deal damage. But be careful as it is risky.


    The final blow is an Earthquake attack, and Ghost King will become invulnerable, teleporting to the center of the arena. He then floats in the air, spawning three Death Skulls at the same time. When you see him go up a bit, you can immediately jump up to avoid the attack.

    Final Suggestions

    This is just one last suggestion on how to make it easier for Ghost King to get into this exact location for our attack. If you have Rangers, you can let them play where there are traps and keep aggro on the boss. Because Ranger can force an orbital attack on the boss, while also being able to avoid its damage. It also makes the boss stand still while this Magic Missile and other Rangers attack.


    After Ghost King dies, you can search the boss’ body and find the best in-game items. Beyond that, you’ll find purple and unique tier gear. Don’t forget to leave the dungeon with the best rewards. Hope this guide helps you get your first Ghost King to kill or get better in battle.

  • Dark and Darker: How To Dodge Every Demon in the Inferno Layer of the Game? - Dodging Techniques

    Posted: Aug 28, 2023

    In this guide, we’re going to look at how to dodge every known demon in hell as of Early Access. In Dark and Darker, there are four different demons: Demon Dog, Demon Bat, Demon Centaur, and Demon Berserker.

    The strategies in this guide only use base movement mechanics, so you can use the dodging techniques mentioned below with any class at any level. Hopefully, these tips can help you defeat these demons and farm Dark and Darker Gold more easily.

    Demon Dog

    Let’s get started with the Demon Dog.

    The Demon Dog attacks with a forward lunge that targets the upper chest. To dodge this attack, just move towards the dog and off to the side in either direction.

    You can comfortably fit in an attack while the Demon Dog is on cooldown. Just be sure to keep close enough to this enemy, so the attack goes past you when you step to the side and not towards you.

    Demon Bat

    Next, we have the Demon Bat, which also attacks in only the forward motion but instead with a knock back kick.

    Same strategy here, just play close and strafed closely to either side, so the kick goes past you. Just be sure you have enough space to move around as a Demon Bat lunges a bit more than that Demon Dog and has the potential to trap you in some pretty scary spots.

    You also may be tempted to jump with your strafe. But I do advise against this as it seems to have less of a success rate than just simply strafing closely to the sides.

    Demon Centaur

    Now, we have the Demon Centaur.

    If you aggro the centaur from a distance, it may begin the fight with an impaling charge. This can be dodged by jumping to the side or by hugging a tight corner.

    After that move, the centaur has two basic attacks: a diagonal slash that can be ducked by crouching and looking either straight up or straight down and a more vertical slash that can be dodged by moving to the left side of the centaur.

    These attacks may be difficult to differentiate, so I like to play it safe and combine the dodge mechanics by crouching, looking down, and circling close to the left.

    Just be mindful of the narrow hallways and different terrain. And the centaur may randomly charged at teammates if they’re close to be prepared to move to the side for that as well. Other than that, it’s just crouch, look down, and circle clockwise.

    Demon Berserker

    Finally, we have the Demon Berserker.

    Now, this one is very much a reaction test, as you will need to crouch and move in the direction that the Demon Berserker begins their swing. Their attacks are a diagonal downward swing.

    So, the strategy is to duck under whichever side they attack begins on. After, simply alternate your sides and dodge each attack. Then, rinse and repeat.

    Every now and then, there will be a 360 spin attack. But this can also be simply dodged by crouching and leaning in either direction.

    If you do plan on taking this demon head-on as a melee solo, planning is key. Make sure you have enough space to move around and don’t get stuck. If you have the option to fight at range or have teammates that can shield block for you, take that option instead.

    However, I do have to say, this dodging technique is quite risky and should only be used if no other options are available.

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