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Dark And Darker: How To Farm Mystical Gem In High Roller Goblin Cave?

Posted: Sep 22, 2023

I believe many players embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of Dark and Darker just to explore the mysterious realm of Mystical Gem. Mystical Gem contains countless treasures and secrets in the game. In this guide, we’ll unravel the journey to get Mystical Gem, reveal its connection to the hidden room within High Roller Goblin Cave, and provide unique insights into exploring this new realm.

How To Find Mystical Gem?

A recent update to Mystical Gem added rare and valuable items in Dark and Darker. To get this gem, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

Dark And Darker: How To Farm Mystical Gem In High Roller Goblin Cave?

First, you need to pay close attention to Dark and Darker’s official communication channels. Developers frequently provide information about updates, patches, and new projects. Here, they will add High Roller elite enemies. Kill them for a chance to drop a Mystical Gem.

But we should note that this does not mean that you will definitely get Mystical Gem just by killing them. It just has a certain chance of falling. So, you need to keep engaging in battles and keep farming until you are lucky enough to get Mystical Gem.

When this Mystical Gem successfully drops, approach it and pick it up. Don’t let your guard down and be careful at all times to avoid other players taking away your Mystical Gem.

How To Use Mystical Gem?

The real magic of Mystical Gem lies in its uses. It will help you discover a hidden secret and gain access to a special area.

First, before we can use Mystical Gem, we need to find the secret room. This secret room is located in the lower left corner of High Roller Goblin Cave. You can see its location on the mini-map on your screen.

After you find the secret room, you’ll notice that there are slots where you can place Mystical Gem. We can insert gems after you interact with the socket.

Dark and Darker: The Mystical Gem Treasure Hoard in HR Goblin

After inserting the gem, a secret passage will open. It gives you access to previously hidden areas. Go through the newly opened door to explore further.

Within this hidden area, you may find an abundance of Dark and Darker Gold and loot. Search around carefully and collect the rewards that await you. Don’t forget to always be prepared to face enemies or puzzle challenges while exploring.

Tips & Tricks

Finally, I’ll also tell you some tips and strategies to help you maximize the utility of your Mystical Gem.

Because Mystical Gem has a low chance of dropping, be prepared for farming. You need to prepare enough resources, potions, and equipment in advance to take part in the battle and knock down the cave elites as many times as necessary.

Once you enter a hidden room, you may notice that the loot is of better quality. Carrying a Potion of Luck may double your loot gains.

Dark and Darker: Farming Mystical Gems in Goblin Cave

If you plan on spending time farming or exploring the hidden areas here, make sure you have plenty of healing items and potions. Because the enemies in this area tend to be very challenging. You may also encounter powerful enemies like a Wizard. Therefore, I recommend you evaluate your odds before engaging and always have an escape plan.

Of course, every attempt will be different. You need to learn from each experience to help you refine your strategy and make future attempts more successful.

Overall, I hope this guide gave you a clear idea of how to get and use Mystical Gem. This gem adds an exciting layer of mystery to the player's journey of discovery. It also provides us with valuable rewards and the opportunity to discover hidden secrets. Please be prepared for a variety of challenges and surprises as you embark on this mission. Good luck!


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