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Dark And Darker: Best Gold Farming Locations And Route Planning In Goblin Caves

Posted: Aug 30, 2023

Dark and Darker just did a fresh server wipe, and now is a good time to get gear and gold quickly. So, here we’re going to cover the best drop locations to rare gear in Goblin Caves to get your stash full of gold as quickly as possible.

Right now, this guide’s sorting doesn’t take any rank into account, since your spawns are random. So you just do your best to remember these locations. This way, no matter what spawn locations you get, you can plan your route as efficiently as possible while taking maximum profit into account.

Dark and Darker: The Best Gold Farming Locations in Goblin Caves

Northwest And East Ends - Giant Centipedes

First, let’s figure out which enemies to kill and where to kill them to get some rare trinkets. These trinkets are located on the two Giant Centipedes at the northwestern and eastern ends of the map.

According to the data, you have a 35% chance of getting Ring or Necklace in these two places, but the northwest corner is preferable. Because in addition to the occasional utility items, there is also a large chest and a Shrine Of Health. Here’s an example of items that me and my friends drop after killing Giant Centipedes.

Dark and Darker: Northwest And East Ends - Giant Centipedes

Central - Skeleton Champion

If you want rare weapons and gear, kill Skeleton Champion that spawns in the central module or turn on the lever. Because a second Skeleton Champion may reappear behind the hidden door.

The best way to kill them is to lure out the attack chain, then return to the attack on cooldown. Skeleton Champion usually drops some rare weapons and armor, and has a slight chance of dropping the epic.

Dark and Darker: Central - Skeleton Champion

Southeast Side - Giant Worm

Now you can also summon a Giant Worm on the southeast side of the map. But currently it only has a 2% chance of dropping Old Rusty Key, so it’s really not worth farming. So I’ll skip this guy and spend this time fighting more worthy enemies elsewhere.

South Side - Mummies

Honestly, I also skip Goblins unless I need XP or they’re in the way. Because fighting them doesn’t make much sense. If you’re focused on killing for profit, you can go find Mummies, which can be found in the lower part of the map.

Killing Mummies has a chance to drop rare gems and trinkets, and it’s definitely worth the time to kill them. Because gems that reach the rarity level are always worth more than other dungeon treasures and trinkets of the same size. This means that you can get higher Dark and Darker Gold returns from it.

Dark and Darker: South Side - Mummies

I’m guessing this will be nerfed in the future. Because it’s a veritable goldmine. All you need to do is kill Goblin Mage and two random Goblins and gain access to 36 slots. Each of these slots has a chance to spawn rare trinkets or utility items.

Top Right - Death Beetles

Another suitable spot is the upper right corner of the map, where there are some Death Beetles, Goblins, and treasure chests. But what’s really special about this location is that these item spawns have a high chance of spawning random rare items. Of course, this could be an artifact of play testing. But always check here as I’ve gotten some high value rare items out of it.

Dark and Darker: Small Treasure Room On The West Side

Small Treasure Room On The West Side

The last location is a small room at the bottom of the western module after clearing out a Goblin Mage and a few Warriors. You’ll find up to 12 random treasures scattered across pots and tables on the floor. It’s not the highest value room, but has a higher concentration of loot than any other area on the map. If you need XP too, there are plenty of Goblins around that you can drag through traps and kill quickly.

That’s all the gold farming locations I’ve found in Goblin Caves. You can integrate at least one of these hotspots along these routes to make sure you can walk away with an item for sale or an inventory full of treasure. Overall, I hope you are off to a good start.


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