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Dark And Darker: How To Easily Defeat Ghost King And Collect The Loot? - Main Attack Explained

Posted: Aug 28, 2023

Do you want to know how to beat Ghost King in Dark and Darker? Experienced adventurers are not afraid to go to the lowest dungeon floors, as they can easily defeat all enemies with their skill and teamwork. But even the most experienced group will find it difficult to fight Ghost King.

Ghost King is one of the strongest bosses in Dark and Darker and is the final stage at the end of the Inferno 02 map. To find the boss, you’ll need to use Red Portals to get to the bottom of the dungeon, then head to the central room.

To defeat the Ghost King in Dark and Darker, you have to be ready to fight. The first thing we’ll get to know about is Ghost King’s major attack.

Dark and Darker: How To Beat The Ghost King?


The first is that the Teleport attack will teleport Ghost King to the player, causing 20-30 True Magical damage. Depending on difficulty and Pools drops, the player the boss teleports to will glow slightly and make noise. The player can avoid this by simply fleeing in any direction at maximum speed.


The second major attack is Orb attack. Ghost King fires Orbs every time he finishes an attack. If they hit you, they do 30-45 True Magical damage depending on difficulty, while also healing the boss for 30 HP and dropping a Pool on the ground.

You can avoid this by strafing clockwise around the boss. Stay fairly close, not too close or too far, or you can still take damage. You can also use the walls around the arena to block damage.

Dark And Darker: Ghost King All Main Attack Explained

You can also try to force this attack by getting close to the boss. Once you’ve dragged Ghost King out of any Pools it might be in so the melee class can do damage to him. That way he doesn’t keep teleporting and spawning more Pools, which would make the entire arena a death trap.

Curse Of Chilling

The ultimate attack is Pools generated in combination with the previous attacks. When you step on it, you get a stacking debuff called Curse of Chilling. It causes you to take more damage from other wraith attacks and also slows you down.


Now you need to understand the attack mechanism that Ghost King uses based on time and health. The first is Scream attack, which makes Ghost King invulnerable and does 15 True Magical damage to you. Whenever Ghost King loses 20 health or a player dies, a stack of Curse of Chilling will be applied.

Dark And Darker: Ghost King Boss Location

Soul Eating

The second is Soul Eating mode, where Ghost King will gain a shield around him, reducing damage taken. And after using 4-7 normal attack modes, he will chase a player. Once he grabs that player, they will be rooted and lose health. Meanwhile, it will gain another stack of Curse of Chilling.

You can get shields to avoid damage by spending Dark and Darker Gold. You can also leave the boss’ room and stay outside when they get caught. Even if he catches you, you won’t be hurt.

Note that Ghost King will grab any player in front of them, so don’t go in front of Ghost King. Even if he’s not chasing you, you can follow Ghost King and deal damage. But be careful as it is risky.


The final blow is an Earthquake attack, and Ghost King will become invulnerable, teleporting to the center of the arena. He then floats in the air, spawning three Death Skulls at the same time. When you see him go up a bit, you can immediately jump up to avoid the attack.

Dark and Darker: Ghost King Complete Guide Walkthrough

Final Suggestions

This is just one last suggestion on how to make it easier for Ghost King to get into this exact location for our attack. If you have Rangers, you can let them play where there are traps and keep aggro on the boss. Because Ranger can force an orbital attack on the boss, while also being able to avoid its damage. It also makes the boss stand still while this Magic Missile and other Rangers attack.


After Ghost King dies, you can search the boss’ body and find the best in-game items. Beyond that, you’ll find purple and unique tier gear. Don’t forget to leave the dungeon with the best rewards. Hope this guide helps you get your first Ghost King to kill or get better in battle.


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