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Dark and Darker: How To Dodge Every Demon in the Inferno Layer of the Game? - Dodging Techniques

Posted: Aug 28, 2023

In this guide, we’re going to look at how to dodge every known demon in hell as of Early Access. In Dark and Darker, there are four different demons: Demon Dog, Demon Bat, Demon Centaur, and Demon Berserker.

The strategies in this guide only use base movement mechanics, so you can use the dodging techniques mentioned below with any class at any level. Hopefully, these tips can help you defeat these demons and farm Dark and Darker Gold more easily.

Dark and Darker: How To Dodge Every Demon in the Inferno Layer of the Game? - Dodging Techniques

Demon Dog

Let’s get started with the Demon Dog.

The Demon Dog attacks with a forward lunge that targets the upper chest. To dodge this attack, just move towards the dog and off to the side in either direction.

You can comfortably fit in an attack while the Demon Dog is on cooldown. Just be sure to keep close enough to this enemy, so the attack goes past you when you step to the side and not towards you.

Demon Bat

Next, we have the Demon Bat, which also attacks in only the forward motion but instead with a knock back kick.

Same strategy here, just play close and strafed closely to either side, so the kick goes past you. Just be sure you have enough space to move around as a Demon Bat lunges a bit more than that Demon Dog and has the potential to trap you in some pretty scary spots.

You also may be tempted to jump with your strafe. But I do advise against this as it seems to have less of a success rate than just simply strafing closely to the sides.

Demon Centaur

Now, we have the Demon Centaur.

If you aggro the centaur from a distance, it may begin the fight with an impaling charge. This can be dodged by jumping to the side or by hugging a tight corner.

After that move, the centaur has two basic attacks: a diagonal slash that can be ducked by crouching and looking either straight up or straight down and a more vertical slash that can be dodged by moving to the left side of the centaur.

These attacks may be difficult to differentiate, so I like to play it safe and combine the dodge mechanics by crouching, looking down, and circling close to the left.

Just be mindful of the narrow hallways and different terrain. And the centaur may randomly charged at teammates if they’re close to be prepared to move to the side for that as well. Other than that, it’s just crouch, look down, and circle clockwise.

Demon Berserker

Finally, we have the Demon Berserker.

Now, this one is very much a reaction test, as you will need to crouch and move in the direction that the Demon Berserker begins their swing. Their attacks are a diagonal downward swing.

So, the strategy is to duck under whichever side they attack begins on. After, simply alternate your sides and dodge each attack. Then, rinse and repeat.

Every now and then, there will be a 360 spin attack. But this can also be simply dodged by crouching and leaning in either direction.

If you do plan on taking this demon head-on as a melee solo, planning is key. Make sure you have enough space to move around and don’t get stuck. If you have the option to fight at range or have teammates that can shield block for you, take that option instead.

However, I do have to say, this dodging technique is quite risky and should only be used if no other options are available.


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