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Dark and Darker: How to Dodge Every Overground Mini Boss? - Strategies That Apply to All Classes

Posted: Aug 24, 2023

In Dark and Darker, if you don’t want to die easily, then you have to learn to dodge and deal with attacks from various enemies.

If you want to break down the types of enemies in the game, you will encounter five types of enemies: Melee Enemies, Ranged Enemies, Casting Enemies, Flying Enemies, and Mini Bosses.

In this guide, we’ll focus on strategies for dealing with mini bosses. And the mini bosses we want to highlight mainly include the Wraith, Skeleton Champion, Cockatrice, Giant Worm and the Giant Centipede.

Dark and Darker: How to Dodge Every Overground Mini Boss? - Strategies That Apply to All Classes

The Wraith

Let’s get started with the Wraith.

Now, I think the most effective way to deal with them is by standing just below using stairs or from a line of sight blocking around a pillar. But sometimes your moves will fail.

All you need to do is crouch, look down, and then move forward and to the left. Be careful if you’re on uneven terrain though or if you’re a mid attack animation, as any change in your character’s height will get you hit.

Of course, if you switch to the third person view, you will have a better idea of how narrow the attack really misses you.

Skeleton Champion

Next, let’s talk about the Skeleton Champion.

Similar to the Wraith, you can lure the Skeleton Champion down the stairs directly below. But if this map feature is not available to you, you may simply bait out the attack chain by strafing in the backwards direction and attack after the end of the combo shield bash.

Just ensure you have enough space cleared to move backwards safely as a Skeleton Champion is a pretty lengthy lunge.

Dark and Darker Mini Bosses


Now, moving to the next, the Cockatrice can be done in numerous spots. But once again, this is a dodge guide and not a cheese guide, so we’ll look at the proper way to defeat this thing. In this way, you can flexibly use strategies to get more Dark and Darker Gold.

First, there’s a petrifying roar move that will immobilize you only if you’re looking directly at the Cockatrice. So, be prepared to turn when you see the mini boss wind up.

The Cockatrice then has a jump kick and a forward bite attack, which can both be baited out by jumping out to the side.

Honestly, don’t be greedy with your follow-up attack on this one. Get hidden and then immediately be ready to dodge or turn.

Giant Worm

The Giant Worm on the same map is much more simple.

If you stay roughly a meter away or the length of an Arming Sword swing, it will only use its forward lunge attack, and then you can just repeat the sidestep in between hits. If the poison does come out, just step back a little, bait up the emerge, and then continue the side step.

Giant Centipede

Finally, let’s talk about the Giant Centipede, which can be found in the Goblin Caves.

The basic attack from this mini boss may simply be circled closely, as the rotation speed is much slower than your character’s ability to move around it.

For the poison spit, just be prepared to jump in the direction you are rotating. The poison spit projectiles emerge from the mouth and in an outward cone. So, honestly, the closer, the better it seems.


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