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Dark And Darker: A Short Guide To Hell Monsters! - Monster Mechanics & Countermeasures

Posted: Aug 24, 2023

What’s up guys? We’re going to be making a short guide on Hell Monsters here. Including the introduction of the new Hell Monsters and how they work and what should we do about them.

So we’re going to review some gameplay here, and introduce four more monsters you’ll find when you enter Hell level. These include Demon Bat, Demon Berserker, Demon Dog, and Demon Centaur.

Demon Bat

So the first monster I’m going to introduce is Demon Bat. You’ll see them flying around in many rooms. Their greatest advantage is that they can knock you back. So it can easily force you to jump off a cliff by them, and land at the bottom with a bunch of zombies.

Dark And Darker: A Short Guide To Hell Monsters!

That’s a major problem, but how to deal with them is actually pretty easy. Because Demon Bat’s health is low. So if you’re a ranged character, you can hit him with some Magic Missiles. It usually only takes two successful hits to kill him.

However, if you are a melee character, you must replenish Blue Potion in time, and then attack them with any weapon. If he’s out of range of your attack, you might take some damage. So, when entering Hell, you can grab some Blue Potion early via Dark and Darker Gold, just in case.

They are usually easy to deal with if you understand how they attack in advance. You can lure and gather them, then throw a few Magic Missiles. That way, you should be able to kill them before they can do any damage to you.

After successfully defeating them, you can get some pretty basic gear. Includes Headshots, Padded Leggings, Rawhide Gloves, and a Spellbook.

Demon Berserker

Next up is Demon Berserker, who looks downright scary. He has a lot of health, and melee attacks will do us a fair amount of damage. He is easy to hold position, you cannot touch him.

So you can mess with his position with Magic Missiles or something. The best way to deal with him is to find a commanding height to stand on and deal with him.

Dark and Darker: Demon Berserker Encounter

If you’re a melee player, then you’ll need to find something tall enough, such as Shrine Of Health. If you reach the top of Shrine Of Health, you can keep waving at his head. He will drop and you can easily kill him.

Demon Dog

The next monster is the infamous Demon Dog. They do a lot of melees damage to you. They can usually kill you with a bite or two, especially if you’re a weak class. So you really can’t fight them for too long.

It’s worth noting they are very weak and rarely have much health. If you have a little gear, you can easily kill them all with a Magic Missile.

If you have nothing, you can hide behind a door. You’ll then see their heads poking out, at which point you’ll take your time and slam them on the head with your gray Magic Staff. This way, we’ll actually be able to kill Demon Dog with no problem as well. This is also the easiest way to deal with Demon Dog.

Demon Centaur

So the last monster we’ll see is also the last new monster in Hell. This is Demon Centaur, a four-legged monster. Once it notices you, it will rush towards you.

You can distract them with Magic Missiles before moving to a safe spot in the room. We should note that there is a Demon Bat attacking us here, and you need to avoid it in time.

Dark and Darker: Body Block All Mini Bosses In Hell - Demon Centaur

You’ll need to climb the ledge with Demon Bat dead, which is a great way to deal with Demon Centaur in this room. Because we are here, he cannot attack us. We’re not even wasting any Magic Missile here, anyway.

If you’re a melee character, Demon Centaur isn’t a threat at all. You can hit him with your spells, or hit him with a bow, spear, or various other things to drain his health. This is the easiest way to deal with Demon Centaur, the last monster in Hell.

This concludes this guide. Hope this guide helps you have a more enjoyable Hell adventure. Good luck.


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