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Dark And Darker: A Complete Guide To Fighter! - Perks, Skills, Weapons & PVP Tips

Posted: Sep 01, 2023

Welcome to my new Fighter guide, designed to provide some help to players of all experience levels. We’ll start with important information and introductions for Fighter. It then introduces the perks, skills, and weapons available to that class. Finally, we’ll provide a full PVP guide and some advanced tips to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.


Fighter’s strength lies in its powerful equipment and flexible kit. The class’s defensive capabilities benefit from its signature heavy armor and self-healing abilities. They give Fighter unrivaled recovery abilities. You can also enhance this further by using a shield.

Their mobility and damage are determined by a unique dash ability and a variety of long-range two-handed weapons. These weapons give them enough lethality to destroy most classes in the melee.

Finally, Fighter perk allows them to be equipped with any ranged weapon. This allows them to pose a threat to enemies at any range.

Dark And Darker: A Complete Guide To Fighter

Pros & Cons

Next, let’s review some pros and cons of Fighter category.

As for the advantages of Fighter class, one is the ability to equip the best damage reduction armor in the game. The second is that he has a wealth of equipment, which is very attractive to beginners. The third is that he has a powerful self-healing ability and is one of the two classes that can equip an off-hand shield.

As for the downside, what Fighter has to face is that it is to rely on good gear. Because Fighter lacks damage and stamina without using decent gear. But his strongest gear will seriously slow down your character. Finally, his armor is very noisy, making it difficult to sneak up on anyone.


Now let’s review the perks that Fighter can equip.

  • Barricade: Not only does it have a slight effect, but it only happens when you’re supposed to be blocking all damage, anyway.
  • Combo Attack: This can actually increase your damage significantly. But it’s only really effective with fast-attacking weapons.
  • Counterattack: Its buff isn’t particularly useful because of its short duration.
  • Defense Expert: This works really well with high AR gear.
  • Dual Wield: It’s not a popular strategy for Fighter, and the effect itself isn’t terrible.
  • Swift: This is very important for Fighter as it helps with heavy armor sets.
  • Weapon Mastery: This lets you equip Ranger’s bow.

Dark and Darker: Best Fighter Perks and Skills


Now let’s introduce Fighter’s skills. First off, Sprint can be used to escape from any situation, or to go after someone and confirm a kill.

Second Wind is Fighter’s best ability. It will improve your survivability in battle. Although it is disposable, campfires can recycle it. We can use this instead of Sprint if you’re running a high damage build.

His Healing is negligible in PVP. But if you’re new and don’t have enough Dark and Darker Gold to get Potions of Healing, it’s fine to use. And you can recover slowly by killing enemies in PVE.

Breakthrough is useless unless you plan to capture Red Portal and fight Ghost King. Because it will remove all the slow stacks that Ghost King applies to you.

His Taunt is pretty useless, because if you really want to hate something, you can just hit it. And its defense buff is not enough to be useful in PVP, and it is terrible in PVE.

Adrenaline Rush works great, but crashes can be dire. So it’s only worth using if you’re recovering afterward.

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Certain weapons can make you powerful or limit you. So we will discuss the most important prototypes of Fighter weapon. Keep in mind that any weapons that are not available to Fighter class are by default. He suffers a 20% damage debuff whenever he has Weapon Mastery equipped.

One-handed weapons with strong DPS should be prioritized when using shields. And they’re not much worse than many two-handed weapons in terms of DPS.

Dark And Darker: Fighter Weapon Tier list

Spear and Longsword are the best two-handed weapons that a Fighter can equip. Because of their massive damage and attack patterns. But best of all, we can equip them without Weapon Mastery. But these two-handed weapons suffer heavily from the slowdown when wielding them.

Also, ranged weapons like Halberd, Zweihander, Battle Axe are very good, they increase the threat of Fighter at a certain range and should be used.

PVP - General Tactics

It’s important to use the utilities you have to your advantage before combat begins. Drink Potion of Protection and preemptively use Potions of Healing so you can gain healing over time in combat.

Let’s get into actual combat. The best strategy against aggressive teams is to stay away from any ranged classes and deal with any melee opponents first. A good strategy is to place their melee frontline between you and ranged classes, so it’s harder for them to shoot you.

Fighter can now try to take on any ranged class if there are no more melee opponents. If you need to be the aggressor, you’re going to have to deal with melee classes. But you go for support and remote first. This stops defenders from moving away from you and forces their melee front lines to make a choice.

So as a Fighter, playing with your teammates is your best choice. Because your class can adapt to any PVP method. However, if you’re a solo player, you’ll want to get their health down as much as possible via ranged before jumping in. You may have to take your time to get through 1v3 fights.

Dark And Darker: Solo Fighter PvP General Tactics

Advanced Tips

Finally, we’ll tell you some of the best information we can provide to make your Fighter stand out from other players.

The first trick is to use Throwables. Compared to normal ranged weapons, they are quick to draw and don’t slow down your movement like bows do.

Second, Pavise is not only my favorite weapon, but it’s also one of the most useful weapons for a Fighter. Since you can put it on the ground to block the doorway, you can easily block PVE and force players to only come in one at a time.

Then, you can stack the effects of Potions of Healing of different rarities. Each different rarity has its own healing effect. This means you can drink potions of different rarities and have them heal you at the same time.

Finally, you can keep loaded Crossbows in your inventory to pull out and shoot. You can instantly fire a 70+ damage Bolt without reloading. This increases your ranged burst damage potential and is really helpful when you’re engaging enemies.


Overall, our Fighter guide ends here. Hope this guide helps dungeon explorers get a better understanding of Fighter class. Good luck.


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