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Dark And Darker: A Full Guide To Wizard Class! - Spell System, Perks & Combat Tips

Posted: Sep 04, 2023

Welcome to my new Dark and Darker Wizard guide. This guide will make it a priority to really dig into the Wizard class and master the elements.

We’ll start with useful information and an introduction for beginners. We then detail Wizard’s spells and perks. Finally, Wizard combat guide and advanced tips for more experienced players.


Wizard is a powerful Glass Cannon. He has access to a variety of high-damage long-range projectiles and some of the best buffs in the game. This is a very versatile class that can be played with in many styles. This means it has by far the most skill expression of any category.

Dark And Darker: A Full Guide To Wizard Class! - Spell System, Perks & Combat Tips

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of this class.

On the plus side, Wizard has some of the best movement and escape options in the game. Meanwhile, he also has some of the best scaling and good gear.

But the downsides that Wizard has to live with include his low health and armor, and slow interaction speed. He is mostly a slow projectile that loses its effectiveness at long range. Finally, because of the need for Meditation, he needs a lot of rest time.

With all of this in mind, Wizards are incredibly powerful once mastered. Good mobility and the right use of haste make Wizard untouchable for any melee class, while Invisibility allows him to fight Ranger or other Wizards. Therefore, we think this class can be considered one of the best in the game.

Spell System

Wizard’s spell system is relatively simple. You can hold E to open the spell wheel, where you can choose any equipped spell. Once selected, hold the right button with a spell-casting weapon to channel a spell. When the bar is full, you can release the right button to cast it, or press F to cancel it.

Different spell-casting weapons can have different casting animations. Some are faster and slow down less. Your best bet is this Spell book and Crystal Ball. As long as Alchemist has it in stock, you can get as many Spell books and Crystal Balls as you want for less Dark and Darker Gold.

Dark and Darker: Best Wizard spell build

Plus, it enhanced your spells with a few different stats. Wizard has a unique spell menu shared only with Cleric, where you can equip many spells. Equipping spells requires the consumption of knowledge. You can get more stats with equipment.

Each spell needs to be sorted by level. Level numbers show their knowledge cost and how quickly you can restore them through Meditation.


Let’s do a quick review of Wizard’s perks like we did spells. First off, the effects of Ice Shield may not have a way to warrant an equip over most other perks. But it is very necessary. Because it makes Wizard feel better playing Power Surge.

Second, the effect of Arcane Feedback is also small, so it doesn’t work very well. And Sage is a very good perk, because knowledge can also speed up your casting speed.

Also, Arcane Mastery you should definitely equip. Because it speeds up Arcane spells, which are also Wizard’s best spell.

Fire Mastery increases burn duration, which does more damage. Equip it if you use any fire spells.

Melt is a perk that is of little use to Wizard and has a minor effect on any teammates.

Dark and Darker: Wizard Perks

Reactive Shield gets worse as the gear you face gets better. Especially against good melee weapons, wizards will take a shot or two, anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with other perks, but sticking to the top 4 will give you the best results.

Combat Guide

First, make sure you use Arcane Missiles and Zap to clear any PVE quickly. It doesn’t matter if you only end up with 2-3 Arcane Missiles. Assuming they’re not wasted, this should be enough if you’re into PVP.

On that note, let’s talk about some general strategies for doing PVP. The best range Wizard can stay at is mid-range. You can’t get too far away. It’s hard to hit slow projectiles. But you also shouldn’t get too close or risk getting hit by a melee weapon.

So when you find yourself cornered by a melee class, you can use Invisibility to reposition and re-establish the spatial gap between you. You can also enhance yourself by using Haste to ensure you stay within your preferred range.

Knowing this, you should be able to beat any melee class by keeping your distance and using your damage spells.

Dark and Darker: Wizard Combat Guide


The only threats to this plan are classes that are also effective at mid-range, such as Ranger or other Wizards. You can apply Invisibility benefit to yourself to move. Then you need to get close to Wizard or Ranger, where you can use Arcane Missiles or Fireball plus Zap combo to eliminate them.

You’ll want to make sure to use the 4 seconds of Invisibility to get through the front lines and take out any Rangers or other Wizards first. Because they pose the greatest threat to you.


That concludes the beginner’s guide to Wizard class in Dark and Darker. Hopefully, these tips and gameplay will improve your Dark and Darker gaming experience and allow you to win more matches. Good luck.


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