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A Quick Way To Get Golden Wave Island Soul In Lost Ark

Posted: Sep 23, 2022

Golden Wave Island is located near Artthetine and Anikka, and is an area that can be experienced early in the game. There will be many treasures along the coastline of the island. You can collect them and also earn some coins from them. However, the Golden Wave Island cannot be picked up directly, but can be obtained by opening pouches and chests. Therefore, this guide is mainly to help you get Golden Wave Island's Soul in Lost Ark quickly.

You can reach Golden Wave Island by walking west of Artthetine or south of Facility X-301. You can skip directly to Artthetine's related plot, go directly to Artthetine's dock and sail directly southwest. This is one of the fastest ways to get to Golden Wave Island.

Golden Wave Island Soul

After running around the island for a while, you can find a bunch of pouches and chests. These pouches and chests mainly drop Shipwreck Scraps and a small amount of Silver, and rarely the Golden Wave Island Soul. While you need enough lucky to get the Golden Wave Island Soul, you can also collect a lot of treasures before the Golden Wave Island Soul drops.

Due to the low drop chance of Golden Wave Island Soul, many players will get tired of repeatedly opening pouches and chests. At this point, you can take a break and go look for two Mokoko Seeds on the island. All you need to do is, go all the way to the northwest of the island until you find an alcove with crates and scrap metal. Break them and a tunnel will appear. Follow the tunnel until you find the two seeds, one near the northern shelves and the other under the crates.

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