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A Quick Guide To Find World Boss Ancheladus In Lost Ark

Posted: Sep 29, 2022

Ancheladus, which I want to introduce to you today, is one of the World Bosses in Lost Ark. Like other World Bosses, it will spawn at a predetermined time and date. If you defeat the boss in the collection, you can complete your Adventurer's Tome perfectly and collect Ignea Tokens. At the same time, there will be a chance to get Eel Caviar to cook. So where should we find Ancheladus? This guide will clear your doubts.

Ancheladus is a large creature made of stone. This World Boss usually spawns at a specific time in Feiton, north of Red Moonshade. You need to travel north by taking the Land of Despair Triport to get to Feiton. This is the easiest way by far. When you get to that location, you just have to wait quietly for the Ancheladus to spawn. Generally, an icon will appear on the map indicating the exact location of Ancheladus. Of course, this is also a reminder that Ancheladus is about to spawn, so you can be prepared.

World Boss Ancheladus

Before participating in this raid, you must have an item level of at least 1040 to be able to fight Ancheladus. Of course, even if your item level is lower than 1040, you can still deal some damage to Ancheladus. But the damage you do to it isn't enough to defeat it and get the bonus dropped from it. If you are not sure about your item level, you can check your level by the Character Profile.

When the item level reaches a certain level, you can not only participate in this raid, but you can also freely shuttle between Feiton or Red Moonshade. If you want a quick or easy end to a fight, head to a busy channel with a lot of players.

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