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Machinist Build Guides on Lost Ark You Need to Know

Posted: Sep 29, 2022

Posted: Sep 29, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Hey guys, today I would like to introduce a Machinist build in Lost Ark, so I'm going to be covering Machinist or Scouter, also covering the Evolutionary Legacy build, which is the one that most people are going to be interested in.

Machinist Build Guides on Lost Ark You Need to Know1

This build focuses on the Evolutionary Legacy class Engraving, what this Engraving does is that whenever you land a hit while you're inside of your transformation, it gives you a stacking damage buff and it reduces the cooldown of all of your abilities by half a second, if your Hypersync Mode AKA your Transformation State ends prematurely, it also refunds 40% of the gauge for your stats.

The spec does not increase the duration of your transformation which is fixed at 20 seconds, but it does increase the damage of your abilities while you're in your transformation, and the gauge gain from your normal abilities to help you get back onto your transformation even faster.

For your skills, you're going to want Flare Beam with scar core energy charge and laser cut,

Baby Drones with core energy supply and roundup attack,

Raid Missile with core energy charge organ missile and weak point detection,

Mobile Shot with solid maneuver quickness and additional maneuver,

Backflip Strike with excellent mobility and tenacity,

Annihilation Mode with swift prep charging,

Fiery Escape with excellent Mobility long flight or high flight, either one works and emergency protection,

Finally the Energy Buster with Skill Defender, Lightning Buster.

Out of all these skills the only points you're going to want to focus on are poor energy charge for Flare Beam, Baby Drone and Raid Missile.

For your Awakening, you're going to be using exclusively Air Strike and the reason for that is that you can use it at the beginning of a fight to instantly fill up your meter, while not fully but allows you to go into Transformation right off the battle.

And here is the recommendation on your gears

Machinist Build Guides on Lost Ark You Need to Know2

For your runes you're going to want Wealth on Raid Missiles, Baby Drone and Flare beam,

Rage on Comet Strike,

Bleed on Mobile Shot,

Galewind on Laser blade, Crimson Breaker and Echelon Beam.

For your gems you only really need two gems in the picture.

Machinist Build Guides on Lost Ark You Need to Know3

That all about this builds above, if you want to buy Lost Ark Gold and know more details about the future updates, is your best choice.


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