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You Could Plant Cash Tree Priced $1,000 In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Posted: Jul 07, 2020

If you are still diligently completing the simple task to make money, or you are stuck repaying the debt of Tom Nook, this is definitely good news that you can plant cash tree in Animal Crossing New Horizons, real money prized $1,000, not in-game Animal Crossing Bells.

Not all players are allowed to plant trees, unless you play Animal Crossing New Horizons on the switch for over 50 hours as required after completing the application.

Here are the details of getting $1,000, including time, requirements, targets and how it will work.

As you know, Animal Crossing New Horizons can only be played on Switch, and then only American residents who have reached the age of 18, who have already purchased Animal Crossing may be hired to plant money trees and receive a reward of $1,000.

The participants will not be asked to do much, except for an internet speed test and information survey, with only the name, age, email and download speed.

Until August 6, Nintendo will seek out the winner among all applicants, who should accept by August 16, and log 50 hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons by September 30 for $1,000 payment. That is, you can get $20 in one hour playing the game Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the hottest game in the first half of this year, and it has sold 13 million copies of Switch in its first six weeks with 10 million downloads, so this is foreseeable and there will be countless players can't wait to participate in this test.

Compared to real money, the virtual currency Animal Crossing Bells can only be used in the game, and Animal Crossing New Horizons is a quite fair game, your income or return is related to your labor, such as catching fish, digging up fossils and shaking trees, but this is very time-consuming and boring.

If you are having trouble paying off Tom Nook's debts, or purchasing dream mansion, you could buy ACNH Bells to get a boost.

IGGM is a virtual currency and equipment shop that can always provide cheap Animal Crossing Items to save more. When you search for Animal Crossing Bells on Google, you can always see the site on its homepage, proving that this is a store accepted and trusted by most consumers, and it can also create a satisfactory shopping experience for you.


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