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Hackers Stole Players' Inventory In Public Servers Of Fallout 76

Posted: Dec 24, 2019

Currently, Fallout 76 is experiencing an unprecedented major hacking incident, plundering players' inventory and causing great panic in Public Servers through cheat programs. Someone reported that a hacker can steal another player's inventory in Fallout 76 through the simple operation. The developer Bethesda quickly investigated the issue and proved that the cheat works independently of Fallout's player-to-player trading system. That being said, there is no bug in the game caused hacking, but by now, many players have reported that their inventory has been stolen by the hack, from the legendary armor to weapon, Bethesda is working hard to fix the issue.

From part of hacked players, they are just doing something that has nothing with the battle, and even not touched others, but all their equipment, the armor, weapons, etc, only left behind all naked. To avoid similar issues happening again, the fans of Fallout 76 had to leave the Public Server temporarily until it's fixed.

From the video we can see that a naked hacker is running, but when he approaches another play with full equipment, he can steal everything from them instantly.

However, there are some items to be safe, such as caps, scrips, access to various locations and stash box/scrap box items, they can't be stolen by the hacker.

The stealing occurs when a hacker appears near you, at least 200 meters, and it's unknown how the hacked attacked, so the best way to protect your inventory is to leave the public server, or you can join the Fallout 1st subscription to play with Private Worlds for a while, where your weapons and armor are absolutely secure.

What's more serious is that Bethesda acknowledged that it will not be able to recover any item stolen by the hacker attack, that is to say, what you lose is hard to find again.

This is not that Fallout is not worth playing, Bethesda will immediately provide a solution for any error in the game. Since it is the Christmas holiday, Bethesda may take longer than before to completely deal with the issue.

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