ACNH: Want To Wear A Wedding Dress? Here Is How To Get Wedding Items
ACNH: Want To Wear A Wedding Dress? Here Is How To Get Wedding Items

With the introduction of wedding season event, players can now obtain wedding-themed specific furniture and items in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Buying Wedding Season Items With Heart Crystals

Every time you complete a photoshoot with Reese and Cyrus in Harvey's studio, you will receive Heart Crystals. The better you fit their theme with the furniture you place, the more Heart Crystals you will get.

Then you can speak with Harvey and use your Heart Crystals to permanently unlock items for the wedding season items. You will also unlock more items to buy with your Heat Crystals the more photoshoots you do. You can refer to the table below to unlock the items you want.

Some Items Can Not Be Bought With Heart Crystals

In addition to the items listed above, some other wedding season items cannot be purchased with Heart Crystals:

           Â· Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate - Given by Reese after completing six daily photoshoots.

           Â· Wedding Fence - DIY Recipe given by Harvey before the 7th daily photo shoot. Crafting Ingredients: 5 Iron Nuggets, 3 Softwood.

           Â· Wedding Wand - Given by Cyrus after completing seven daily photoshoots.

Wedding Dress&Suit

You can design a set yourself in the game, or buy a tuxedo from the Able Sisters, or find other people's custom designs online, and then you can pinch for yourself.

Wedding/Engagement Ring

No wedding is complete until you've put the ring on the finger. In New Horizons, this isn't possible, but there is an engagement ring item that can be bought. It'll cost you about 69,000 Bells from Nook's Cranny and is deemed a furniture item. That's because it's a small white box that, when interacted with, will open to reveal a solitaire.

While the ring itself can't be worn, this is something you'll want to fit into your Animal Crossing wedding.

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